Our cabin on a river

Phase 2: Found a Home

We found and purchased a cabin on a river that meets all our criteria! Risi is already ramping up for her next adventure (to be announced later). Read more →


Dirty Jobs by Ryan

We had the luxury of finding out that both of our tanks (stinky waste and fresh) were leaking. So we welded one and bought a new one! Read more →


This Little Kitty

This little kitty went outside, This little kitty stayed afloat, This little kitty saw a seal, This little kitty went Meow, meow, meow, All the way home! Read more →

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

We went for a sail in hopes of seeing gray whales reported south of Whidbey. Instead, we saw a seasick cat. We returned, scrubbed, quacked, and relaxed. Read more →