Will the Bears fire Matt Nagy? Losing streak, poor QB play could force to Chicago to make a move

The Bears made an unfortunate decision last January when they elected head coach Matt Nagy for another year. Chicago fans expect the team to continue after a series of frustrating moments that saw the team go wrong.

Instead, the Bears decided to give Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace another chance to repair the ship. So far, the 2021 NFL season has brought back the same.

The Bears have stumbled to a 3-7 record to start the season and their offense seems as smooth as ever. Nagy, who came to the Bears after being a disappointing ally of Andy Reid and the Chiefs, had to fix this but was unable to do so for Mitchell Trubisky. Things were not going well with Justin Fields.

The Chicago clash has left Bears fans frustrated as far as they are concerned asked to strengthen Bears ownership to remove Nagy. He also sang “Fire Nagy” following the loss of the Bears’ Week 11 Ravens and quarterback, Tyler Huntley. What George McCaskey and Co.

Migration may not be imminent, nor is it guaranteed to come in season. However, looking at what McCaskey has said about Nagy in the past, the Bears coach seems to be on a thin ice rink as Chicago climbs overboard.

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What the Bears ownership says about Matt Nagy

There have been rumors of Matt Nagy’s work recently as last season. However, Bears chairman George McCaskey decided to keep Nagy and GM Ryan Pace after the Bears were able to make it to the postseason despite being guilty.

“At this point, we hope that the right answer for us is to continue,” McCaskey said in January. The Athletic.

However, the Bears decided not to extend Nagy until 2022, the last day of his contract. Basically, this was a reassuring year for the teacher. And McCaskey had an early goal of the season.

“Based on what we need to see, we need to see progress,” McCaskey said. at SI.com. “It’s not another number of successes.

“We do not know what will happen in the year 2021. We just had an unprecedented event (epidemic) in 2020, so we do not know what will happen, and what other problems will happen, but we need to see progress.”

An easy way for the Bears to move forward? In McCaskey’s view, it was about the most important place in the field.

“Obviously we need to make a good start from the quarterback to win,” McCaskey said.

That’s part of why the Bears came out and signed Justin Fields when they signed former Andy Andy Dalton. This should strengthen the quarterback’s room and give Nagy the tools he needs to make the team more competitive.

As a result, Nagy had two main goals. Strengthen the quarterback game and lead the team to victory after 8-8 consecutive seasons. Pressure was in the future to achieve those goals, as his return came with a warm vote of confidence.

“We’re not satisfied with where we are but we think Ryan and Matt are the people who can lead us to do well,” McCaskey said.

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Matt Nagy contract extension

NFL teams often like to make progress on extension after the contract, especially with their coaches. However, the Bears did not add Nagy beyond the last year of his contract in 2022, as team President Ted Phillips explained in detail when the Bears announced Nagy’s return in 2021.

“Contractors have not been part of our negotiations,” Phillips said. “It’s not a concern for everyone. When we show change, our friends take care of themselves.”

The Bears are using the 2021 NFL season as a time to see if Nagy can help the Bears to climb. If he can afford it, he will still have a 2022 contract and could extend his 2022 term. If he cannot, then he will only eat one year left on his contract – which could be guaranteed or not.

The fact that the Bears are not giving Nagy another contract is a bad omen for his future. It is a year of true “confirmation” for him, so if he continues his career, he should improve the season.

The value of Nagy’s current contract is unknown. He was hired for the 2018 NFL debut and only three of the seven coaches who hired that season, including Nagy, are still senior coaches. Colts coach Frank Reich, who is making $ 4.5 million in 2021, is one of them. Titans coach Mike Vrabel, who is making $ 3 million in 2021, is another one.

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Matt Nagy’s Story: The Playoff wins and loses

Nagy is in his fourth season with the Bears and has not posted a losing record. He won the AP Coach of the Year award in 2018, his first season as head coach, and looks set to have a bright future.

However, since then, Nagy has been around .500 and has failed to take the team to another level. Worst of all, his mistakes have been in the top 10 in the league despite being known as an opponent.

Here is his regular form to date and how the Bears’ offense was handled under Nagy.

Year Games He has won Lost Yards per game Offensive goals
2018 16 12 4 29 and 9 p.m.
2019 16 8 8 29 and 29 and
2020 16 8 8 26 and 22 and
2021 9 * 3 6 31 and 29 and

* Nagy has coached nine plays. He missed the Bears’ Week 8 loss to the 49ers after being tested for COVID-19.

The offense of the team and former players Mitchell Trubisky and Justin Fields could be a threat to Nagy. Likewise the end of the team failing to win in the postseason.

Nagy has taken the bears to the playoffs twice. He has yet to win a playoff game, although it can be argued that Cody Parkey’s well-known goal-scoring prowess robbed him of success in his first game of the postseason in 2018., so it is not a motivating sign for Nagy.

Weather Defendant Around Results
2018 Eagles Wild Card L, 16-15
2020 Saints Wild Card L, 21-9

NFL PLAYOFF PICTURES: Modified AFC, NFC seeds, matchups after Week 11

Will the Bears chase Matt Nagy?

It looks like Nagy is in danger of losing his job right now. Podcaster Jordan Schultz – who co-hosted the show with Bears host Allen Robinson – also said Monday that Nagy had lost the locker room. Now, Chicago has to decide if they can make Nagy their first full-time leader.

Nagy has denied being fired after Thanksgiving, but winning or losing against the Lions, it’s hard to imagine that they have been longer than the entire 2021 NFL season.

The Bears have a very big NFL problem and their last game has not been good. Fields’ best game of the season was against the 49ers, a game that Nagy had not tested COVID-19 and missed. This does not imply its acceptance of Fields management.

Aside from the big changes from Fields until the end of the season, the Bears seem to be no different from Nagy.

As McCaskey said, the overall goal of the season was to show progress and get better from the quarterback. After 10 games, the Bears are on a losing season and will need to go 6-1 to finish the game above .500. Currently, Fields is the last QBR among the eligible players this season with a score of 25.6. This is even worse than what Trubisky 61.3 wrote in 2020 with a 32.4 mark he recorded as a rookie in 2018.

You can’t stop anything in the NFL, but it will be difficult for Nagy to survive this season. His seat is on fire – probably more than any other NFL coach.

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