Why did the Lions trade Matthew Stafford? Revisiting the blockbuster deal with Rams

Matthew Stafford had been the face of the Lions.

He was first selected in the 2009 NFL Draft after a stellar career in Georgia, and immediately took over the starting role of the team in Week 1 of the 2009 season.

Stafford has all the history of a quarterback to be in Detroit. Its over 45,109 yards is about 30,000 over a second. Its 282 twins low and over 150 from the second. With 74 quarterback wins, they have 21 more than the next QB next. Its final 62.6 percent is better than any QB that has completed at least one full season to be first. Although he is not a defender, he reaches 21st in the running races (14) and 33rd in the running yards (1,198).

This is why it has been such an unusual time for Detroit fans to see him in Los Angeles as well as a separate quarter between the lions. But why did the group leave the franchise picture? Sporting News intervenes in what led to his departure.

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Why did the Lions sell Matthew Stafford?

Of all the victories Stafford has achieved with the Lions, the success of the team has never been greater.

In his 12 years with the Lions, Detroit had a four-time winning streak and only reached the playoffs three times. Each time he reached the postseason, the result was the same: getting out of the Wild Card round.

Stafford, 33, at the time of the trade, finished the season at number 17 regularly in yards with 45,109 and 16th yards per pass. It was coming from its eighth season with at least 4,000 yards passing. The talent was still there, and although he had grown up, he had a very good legacy. He just needed a real shot on the ring.

Detroit obviously will not give him that opportunity anytime soon. Following the third consecutive season in the NFC North basement, the Lions changed coaches and prepared to reorganize the organization.

Stafford thought he wanted to get out. At the end of the 2020 season, The Detroit Free Press reports that Lions and Stafford worked together to find a business.

After his Rams business, explained Free Press that even though they did not see themselves playing anywhere, they wanted the opportunity to play competitively.

“I’ve always wanted to play these great games, and I feel like I’m doing well in these situations,” he told Free Press. “I wanted to shoot my gun.”

Stafford explained that he and his wife, Kelly Stafford, had begun negotiations to leave Detroit before the 2020 season began. He said when it was discovered that another opportunity was coming from the head of the council and the head teacher who saw it as time to go.

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“I shared my frustrations for not being able to bring them what I wanted, the competition,” Stafford told Free Press. “It was the hardest, perhaps the most difficult conversation I’ve ever had, but the one I came out of, honestly, was shot with their help and understanding. Respect. I mean it was amazing.”

Although the Lions could have turned down an offer to sell him and keep him in Detroit, where he still had two years left on his contract, they agreed to separate from their rivalry. The agreement was clear from Detroit’s point of view. With Stafford as a quarterback, they have probably won enough games to stay out of the shortlist, and have been saving $ 43 million over the next two years to pay him.

There were a number of opponents who were interested in running towards him, including the Panthers, Broncos, Colts, 49ers, Washington and Patriots, but it was the Rams who eventually attracted the Lions. Detroit welcomed Jared Goff, a well-known QB who can still win some games and make the team competitive, with the nominations starting in 2022 and 2023 and the third round in 2021.

For a rebuilding team like lions, it is very important for you to work with them, even if the nominees are a little low considering the Rams are expected to be a permanent fixture.

And for Stafford, it landed him in the Super Bowl powerhouse that immediately became the favorite among many to win the title this year.

Matthew Stafford compared to Jared Goff

There are no big comparisons between how the two quarterbacks played this season. Of course, it is important to remember that Stafford is well-received by Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods – the first injury – and now Odell Beckham Jr., as well as the best linebacker.

But just looking at the 2021 figures for the two quarterbacks, Stafford has been the best QB of the season. Stafford has completed 67.7 per cent of its passes with over 3,014 yards, 24 touchdowns and eight innings in the 10 games played so far. He is ranked fourth in the yards this season and third in the playoffs, with his Rams sitting at 7-3, tied for a fourth-place finish in the NFL.

Goff and the Lions have fought. Strongly. Goff finished 66.1 percent of his 2,109 yards with eight touchdowns and six innings in nine games. With Goff as the first, Detroit has gone 0-8-1. He missed Detroit’s 10th Week game due to injury, and Tim Boyle was as bad as a starter, passing just 77 yards and two innings and unaffected by the Browns’ 13-10 loss.

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