Wheel Of Time Showrunner AMA Plus Episode 4 Clip

Yesterday on Reddit was Wheel of Time AMA presenter with Rafe Judkins. We also have a new episode of Episode 4 below that shows more about Logain. I will discuss Judkin’s interesting answers that were not filled with spoilers. Apart from that, most of the questions were from fans of the books and as a result some of the answers come in the further part of the series. If you want to see for yourself the whole AMA on Reddit, you can Pano.

First, check out this teaser clip Wheel of Time Step 4. As we explained at the end of Section 3, it looks like we will learn more about Logain (pictured in the cage above) this week.

New episodes fall in the middle of the night for me, this evening. So in a few hours I will be enjoying Part 4 on my own. However, this section 4 shows the new section without ruining anything that I think will be in it for me.

At the AMA now and below I just wrote a question and answer from Rafe Judkins. Once again, for the full view, go there and I will show you. I try to avoid destructive responses. First, has Aviendha been cast? Rafe confirmed that the famous writer Aviendha was cast, but did not say who would play. I don’t know who Aviendha is, right now with someone you can meet in Section 2 or 3.


Asked if Judkins cut too long in the middle of the rumors that he wanted a longer opening session?

Ah, I wish. But JudkinsCut never made a script. And to Amazon credit, the real focus on today’s streaming to all networks is “speed” and “bingeability”. Randomly (and statistically now), tons of non-textbooks went through the first phase and entered the series without stopping or shutting down. Perhaps another turn of the Wheel, there will be a first two-hour view with unlimited smithing images, Coplins, Congars, and more.

Have you been asked about other negative comments and how they deal with them?

Well, I think it’s always important to hear people take the show and respond, but not rush for approval. If you try to make a show that EVERYONE loves, you will have a real pile of trash at the end. It’s a good idea to make a show that some people really like (even though some people think it’s a bunch of trash ha).

When it comes to pacing, that’s the balance you have to hit. We as producers always need more time to inform the characters, be present, understand their feelings, and much more. . All of these things are priceless, and perhaps Amazon was right because the first three episodes of WoT have one of the most recent episodes in history, which is probably the most important piece of information on TV today.

Explain the Changes

Some fans were concerned about Loial’s released photos. Why are they created so differently from the descriptive textbooks?

Hammed by INCREDIBLE. Because of his appearance, we really tried to find the best ways in the books and made him a person who did not want VFX for us. We can’t afford at our budget level to do well VFX. Then it would mean that in the end he would be cut off from the pictures so we wouldn’t ruin it, and I didn’t want to, since I like Loial and I like Hammed.

Judkins was asked why there is no clear insult from the list used here?

Blood and ashes, give us time. It’s coming. And just wait till you meet Uno…

(Heat me Rafe, a good blood solution. But blood, and blood ash, how does Nynaeve feel?)

Where does the whole budget go in making big things like this?

Hidden money is very difficult. Repair wigs. The millions of dollars that go into repairing wigs make me cry at night.

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The last question I will mention here is of Perrin’s wife. If you have seen Part 1 you know that Perrin accidentally killed his wife. However, in the literature, Perrin was not married at the outset. Then, why?

Well, at the beginning of a long speech I had with Perrin being a town blacksmith, who accidentally killed him in a Trolloc attack. It was important for me to have a well-known moment of violence in the first phase that would encourage his long journey with violence and if he would choose an ax or hammer. So I made that blacksmith into his mother.

But since we had to limit the length of the pages in the text, it became an easy story to describe as his wife, as well as the natural feeling that if the characters were in their 20s in a small mountain village, they would probably be married. There are incidents in the books that Perrin mentions if he had lived in the two Rivers he would probably have married Laila Dearn, and voila, Laila was born. My only regret is that we did not see much of him again. Helena Westerman who played her was AMAZING.

This is still the only change that has bothered me for some reason. I’m easy to go through some of the changes that have been made up to me it all makes sense to support the big issue. I see what Rafe is saying here, but as mentor Brandon Sanderson, I still think using Perrin’s gaffer Luhan would have been better. I can’t get into this much even without ruining future seasons.

Leave any comments for Wheel of Time AMA presenter with Rafe Judkins below. Including any ideas you have in Section 4.

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