Uwmami & Selu Team Up on “Tug Of War”

Irish guitarist, guitarist, and singer Uwmami have teamed up with Selu on their new collaboration, titled “Tug Of War.” All of these artists were included Nialler9 ku soon ’12 new songs from Irish artists you must hear.’

You are a mother

According to Uwmami, “We have been working on the music industry all year, playing instruments and changing the best Selu songs, so it is very exciting to achieve 2021.”

Singer-songwriter Selu ranges from neo-soul to afro. His first EP, Duplication, came down last year and featured Lariman and Demigosh.

For his part, Uwmami appeared on the hip-hop show in Ireland in 2018, and released his EP, Summer Syrup, followed by his second EP, NUND, in 2019. He later teamed up with some of Ireland’s most unique and exciting vocals, producing mixed music, Uwmami Presents: Summer Series. Since then, he has participated in many collaborations such as “Calisto” with Henna Redmond and “Goldfish” with Awesimon. In 2021, he worked with Sushee on the “Plateau”.

Its noise is hard to cry. They have a natural affinity for disturbing traditional line lines. Its unique design combines warm guitars and hip-hop company drums with round instruments.

The “Tug Of War” opens with a series of slow-moving rock climbs in a hip-hop style composed of a kick drum and a fun dance. Selu’s sweet voice sounds as good as the glittering tone of his voice, his tone of voice soft, smooth.

Combining the delicate neo-soul and R&B flavors with a pleasing beat makes the waves glow and the leitmotifs visually appealing, which makes for a spectacular shift, as the Celic voice of the crème de la crème floats and vibrates, uttering sounds. words and attractive ornaments.

The combination of Uwmami’s fun production and Selu’s catchy vocals makes “Tug Of War” a valuable song.

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