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The URL Decode online tool is a simple, free way to decode URL-encoded text. Just enter the encoded text in the input box and click the "Decode" button. The tool will instantly decode the text and display the results in the output box. You can then copy and paste the decoded text into any other application or web page. URL Decoding is a common task when working with URL-encoded data, and this tool makes it easy and convenient to do. 

URL Decoding, also known as Percent-Encoding, is the process of converting URL-encoded characters back to their unencoded form. URL-encoding is used to ensure that all characters in a URL are properly represented so that they can be safely transmitted over the internet. When decoding URL-encoded characters, any character that is not a valid URL character will be converted to a space.


To decode URL-encoded characters, you can use any online URL decoder tool or you can do it manually. To decode URL-encoded characters manually, you can look up the ASCII table which shows the correspondence between ASCII characters and their hexadecimal values. For example, the character "-" is encoded as "%2D" in URL-encoded form. To decode it, you would look up the ASCII table to find the hexadecimal value for "-", which is "2D". You would then replace "%2D" with "-" to get the decoded URL.


URL encoding is often used when submitting form data or URL parameters because many characters are not allowed in URLs. When these characters are URL-encoded, they are represented by a % followed by their hexadecimal value. For example, the character "?" is encoded as "%3F" in URL-encoded form.


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