Unusual film with very few spoken lines preferring instead to communicate with visuals of nature and a cocktail of sounds (diegetic, composed music and exceptionally alluring sound mixing)

If they offend others, it is because they are hurting them too. ”— Benedicta, Amador’s mother, in response to Amador’s comments on the formation of Eucalyptus tree roots, a tree that could cause wildfires, is an illustration of the trees used in the film to describe human behavior.


“Did he tell you about me?” Amador to Elena

“Yes, but .., you know how people are.” Elena’s Answer

Ineand a 2021 interview of American Cinematheque, Russian filmmaker Andrei Konchalovsky said “Sometimes silence is better than action. ” This is a working commentary on Oliver Laxe’s film The Fire Will Come. Director Amador does not speak very often but his language and his words speak, not words. Laxe Video encourages viewers to explore the tone of voice and the tone of voice that they convey to the curious audience.

The video begins with a nightly pursuit of a bulldozer with continuous light bulbs and cutting down eucalyptus trees until it emerges from a large oak tree in its path. The Bulldozer stands as if a huge tree has commanded it to stop. The viewer does not see the bulldozer driver. The reason the buldozer cuts the eucalyptus trees directly is not given to viewers. One has to get the image from the symbols that the script leaves for the watchful viewer to see.

Amador (baby), Benedicta (mother) and dog–
discussion of forest trees

TThe film features three main characters: Amador (actress Amador Arias), mother of Amador Benedicta (actress Benedicta Sanchez) and veterinarian Elena (actress Elena Mar Fernandez). Amador, the protagonist of the film, was released from prison after serving a sentence for inciting wildfires. Being a man of few words, the observer would have to rely on the villagers’ perception of him as a burner. Amador has no wife; he lives with his elderly mother, who is probably a widow. He owns a small herd of cattle and a dog. One cow accident caused Dr Elena to go to their home to heal their cow’s leg. Elena shows her interest in Amador, but the man is monitored for her response by singing Leonard Cohen’s song. Suzanne driving Elena’s car.

Benedicta enjoys the tranquility of
living on the edge of the forest

Amador’s details are slowly revealed in the film. He knows a lot about the science of the eucalyptus tree in his vague conversation with his mother. He is well-aware that the eucalyptus tree is native to Australia, and it was accidentally smuggled into the wild near his Spanish village, perhaps with the help of terrestrial tools. He even knows the structure of eucalyptus roots, in his brief words to his mother. One would likely think that it would also be reasonable to conclude that species are simply increasing the threat to a forest fire. Was the eucalyptus tree being cut down at the beginning of the film to protect the forest from fire? The viewer must complete the jigsaw puzzle in the Laxe film.

Firefighters are trying to control the fire and the flames

Inet is uncommon when the film’s script features actors who make their first film play roles with their own names — a strange decision taken by the director and co-writer of the script. Amazingly and fittingly, Amador and Benedicta received theatrical awards for their stellar performances in the film. But it is not just Amador and Benedicta who make this film a hit.

Laxe video is an excellent example of the importance of music in film, a feature often overlooked. Many viewers are aware of the importance of Leonard Cohen’s song, especially in memory of the beloved Suzanne, who was influenced by Christian theology. Some viewers who follow Western music may recognize Vivaldi’s “Cum Dederit” from a large group. Unless the owner play on the movie song. Few would know that Handel and Vivaldi made their translation Unless the owner
in the case of Psalm 127 in the Bible. Now Psalm 127 it is in harmony with God’s plan. The Psalm 127 discuss the concerns of affected people and rely on their work experience and contrast them with God’s gift of sleep to His loved ones who leave everything to Him to fix. Possible evidence of Laxe’s choice of this Vivaldi piece is seen in the film as mother Benedicta goes to look for her son Amador one morning because she appeared to be anxious last night, and found him fast asleep in his car seat. van instead of sleeping in the house.

Amador drives her car and meditates
in the woods she shone on the windshield
Amador prepares to meet vet Elena,
he just realized that the villagers were trying to seduce him
and their idea that he is a pyromaniac

HHowever, it is not only Leonard Cohen’s voice but Vivaldi’s choice that makes the song stand out. The Fire Will Come benefits. The improvement in forest fires is based on the style of Georg Friedrich Haas’ avant garde Posuane Concert and Orchestra and a mix of high-pitched vocals with vocalist and mixer Xavi Font. For interested readers, Haas songs in the concert hall are added to the review to distinguish it from Xavi Font’s contributions of the same part of the film.

Mrs. Benedicta hides the rain
under the shade of an oak tree, maybe that
preview of the film

Apart of the song, is the long silence in the film which adds to the effect. Does Amador drive a bulldozer at night? Was the oak tree that stopped the bulldozer the same tree that hid Benedicta from rain? Would Amador, who is helping to clear the entire village of an unbroken stream, be awakened a few days later by the same villagers as a result of the last wildfire of the forest (especially for the moviegoers)? Perhaps the eucalyptus tree hurts other trees for some reason, as Benedicta put it. The award-winning drama, video and video work, sound mixing and acting directors make this film an ideal choice for any cinephile. Laxe, Fillol and Font form a cohesive and complete team. One can only dream of fun movies from this talented group.

PS The Fire Will Come won the Cannes award for Un Certain Regard Jury, Silver Hugo for Best Sound Design at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival and the Best Film and Best Screenplay award in Chicago. Mar Del Plata International Film Festival.

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