Twitter loves Kevin Hart’s rivalry with Eli Manning on ‘MNF’ Manningcast: ‘It’s very childish’

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart appeared as Peyton and Eli Manning’s second guest on the “Monday Night Football” Manningcast, and immediately became one of his favorite fans this season.

Throughout the episode, Hart and Eli Manning laughed at each other, starting with Hart – an Eagles fan – laughing at what the former New York quarterback said he was “always a Giant.” Hart stepped up and said, “Are you a Giant forever? Can’t you shake that?”

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Eli responded in another way, giving an indirect comment on Hart’s length (listed between 5-2 and 5-4):

“You know Eli, I see what you’re doing here, it’s ridiculous,” Hart replied. “There are some words we can use to describe it without you emphasizing the word ‘great.’

Hart then accused Mannings of having a false relationship on television. He was laughing, of course.

“I’ll tell you something I see – this false relationship that you and Peyton have,” Hart said. “The truth is I know, you don’t love each other. The game wakes up guys. No one believes it. Because if you agreed, you’d be right next door in the room!”

This did not deter Eli from continuing with a long joke. Manning’s brother brought the moment when Hart played with his brother Peyton, his 10-year-old son and friends in Mexico. Hart replied that it was a “lowball.”

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Hart has decided to bring back young Manning as a result of the comment, this time referring to the 2018 episode of his “Cold as Balls” show with Odell Beckham Jr., in which Hart created a meme for his face:

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Followers on Twitter liked Hart’s appearance on Manningcast, with some claiming he was one of the most popular celebrities to date.

One of the most talked about minutes, however, was at the end: Mannings drove Hart off the show without warning. When the show started to go on sale, he thanked her for her time.

He quickly replied, “Wait, what? Huh?”

Not a break for Hart and Mannings.

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