Trying not to be himself, the director reveals more of himself

Tin 2019 saw four directors from four different countries make history films: Spanish director Pedro Almodovar made. Pain and Glory, Palestinian leader Elia Suleiman made It must be in Heaven, US chief Abel Ferrara living and working in Italy made Tommaso and British rookie director Joanna Hogg made it The Souvenir. Each of them found a variety of cineaste groups interested in the products they produce using a variety of complex recording techniques that filmmakers experience in real life. Some hide their identity a little overshadowed by choosing a registration name as Tommaso (played by Willem Dafoe) in the Abel Ferrara film that will not fool anyone watching intellectually. Tommaso is the fictional name of a filmmaker similar to Ferrara, who is making his first theatrical performances for the future, and he also lives in Italy and is learning Italian and teaching acting to those who want to act as he chose to live and work in the country. Tommaso is married and has a young daughter named Deedee. The same goes for Mr Ferrara. Tommaso’s wife is actress Christina Chiriac, who becomes Mr Ferrara’s wife in real life. Deedee is played by Anna Ferrara, the director’s daughter who was born. However, Ferrara has decided to use a registration name.

Tommaso (Willem Dafoe) teaches students in Rome

Treaches three other directors in their 2019 films are different. Spanish director Pedro Almodovar made his semi-autobiographical film Pain and Glory and director, director of filmmaker Salvador Mallo (Antonio Banderas, who won the Cannes Best Actor award for the play) which parallels the life of Mr Almodovar. According to journalist Sabrina Rojas Weiss, writing in Oyenga29, Almodovar agreed Los Angeles TimesThere is a lot of me out there, but some of it is my life and some of it doesn’t but it would be.”Video by Joanna Hogg The Souvenir is also the story of her life, recalling her days in movie school through the eyes of a fictional film student named Julie. Only in the case of the Palestinian leader Elia Suleiman, in his remarkable work It must be in Heaven, the director chooses to play himself in front of the camera without saying a word but as a viewer of comedy, fantasy and self-identification with his first ES.

Although Suleiman identifies himself with his ideas in his film almost entirely through photography, Abel Ferrara chooses to identify his true feelings using words spoken by his own. registration name Tommaso. After Tommaso was taken into custody by Italian secret police for public comment and forced to face a senior police officer, Tommaso boldly states: “The temple of all laws must fall. A new temple of truth must be built. Don’t take me for granted. What is truth? Truly I feel pain, my head hurts a lot. You are contemplating suicide. You have to walk in the park. The problem is ruthless. You take care of your dog. ” The viewer at first may have thought that the story was Tommaso. You realize that this is not when the officer untied Tommaso’s chains and responded to Tommaso politely, “Are you a doctor?”Ferrara simply emphasizes the need for the film director to recognize the details and hands of the people around him as a doctor does.

Tommaso and his wife (Christina Chiriac, aka Mrs Ferrera)

Ferrara does not limit the film to date. He reveals his past abuse to a group of drug addicts where he remembers interviewing his 4-year-old daughter “Are you leaving because I make so much noise?”(What happened in his life). The same Tommaso miraculously runs outside to calm down a Pakistani drunk screaming in the street outside his home in Rome at night because Tommaso (read Ferrara’s) real baby girl born late can be distracted by the noise of drunks. Ferrara appears to have stated bluntly that she was mature for many years, taking on the responsibility of caring for her family. In other words in Tommaso, the photographer appears to have had his daughter hit by a car as she crossed the street as she ran to hug him.

Tommaso sees his daughter enjoying a gelato condom

If anyone looks at the migration of Ferrara to Italy from the US to make films one of his films made in 2009 is a docudrama called. Naples, Naples, Naples (Naples, Naples, Naples). Mu Tommaso, in the latter case, there is the story of Sophia Loren dancing in her 1960 US film. It originated in Naples a video game play in which Tomasso Deedee’s daughter dances loudly. This visual connection may be lost to a viewer who does not know much about Ferrara’s life and work. In a very revealing interview with Eric Dahan in Number, Ferrara says “All my movies, alas, are about me, in a way. I try not to be myself but in the end I can’t control myself.

Ferrara reveals his tortured life with simple actions Tommaso. As Tommaso tries to work on a movie projector at night while his whole family is asleep, the light bulb that is essential for his study has failed and the new bulb that he replaces in the lamp also fails as he changes. on electricity. The next morning, an angry Tommaso, on the street, walking down the street holding an awkward lamp in his hand, leaving it on the sidewalk but not in a trash can, while his wife and daughter watch his violent and anxious actions. patali.

For Ferrara viewers, Tommaso is one of the many films that the director has used Willem Dafoe as his favorite actor. Dafoe took the lead in biopic Pasolini (2014), another Ferrara film was produced in Italy, 4:44 The Last Day on Earth (2011), Go Go Tales (2007), New Rose Hotel (1998, sharing guidance with actor Christopher Walken) and again Siberia (2020). The intimate relationship between the director and the player is growing Tommaso where Ferrara depicts Dafoe playing Tommaso symbolically “hanging” openly in modern Rome making a connection between Dafoe’s role as Christ in The Final Test of Christ. Next to Tommaso “hanged” and “hanged” migrated to Africa as following the pattern Tommaso gave to a group of African refugees, sitting near a fire in a field last night, a symbolic “heart of blood” during the war. “The last supper” in his statementTake this. This is all I have. ”

To appreciation Tommaso, the viewer should be familiar with Ferrara’s work. If anyone has a good idea of ​​Ferraro’s life and work, Tommaso provides information for viewers. Obviously Dafoe knows this well and delivers good performances in every Ferrara film. Tommaso it’s the same.

PS Tommaso is one of The top 20 videos of 2019 writers. The film won a major judging award at the Lisbon and Estoril Film Festival. film Elia Suleiman It must be in Heaven The above mentioned was also reviewed on this blog earlier (Click on the movie name on this page to find out.)

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