The single mother as a contemporary Brechtian Mother Courage variant

Even if you don’t try to show off, someone has an idea for things and eventually it comes out, whether you like it or not. Our films (featuring director / man Rodrigo Plá) often open the boundaries of humanity and privacy, the person facing the government, and what happens when the person is insecure … The state of helplessness is one of the cars we write about. As for why we often show it to women, I think the question is: Why do some people not show it so much?

— Writer-writer-writer and co-director Laura Santullo, in her article on her husband’s original work The Beast With a Thousand Heads (2015), terms used in parallel Another Tom (2021), where in the end she not only writes for six of her husband’s films but is known as the director.

Rodrigo Plá (Uruguay) and Laura Santullo (Mexico) are a group of needy men and women who make low-cost films, often featuring non-professional actors who perform high-profile films, on important topics for ordinary, hardworking people around the world. all over the world. . Another Tom is their first work in which Ms. Santullo is mentioned as the director, although she has been the author of all the previous films directed by her husband. The film is a Mexican film, English-speaking, and the story takes place in parts of the southern USA.

Elena (Julia Chavez) and her 9-year-old son
son Tom (Israel Rodriguez)

The story is about a single mother, Elena (better known as Julia Chavez) with Mexican roots, working hard to raise money for her 9-year-old son, Tom. Tom (or Tommy as his mother calls him) has long hair, is smart and very busy. She bullies her teachers and sometimes her mother. Once again the two directors also released a great play from the young Israel Rodriguez who plays as Tom, apparently in his first part of the film. Tom’s biological father always promises to send money to Elena but refuses his promises. Tom’s tuition fees and school expenses force Elena to work part-time.

AAs the film progresses, Tom was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). ADHD can be treated with medication. Elena is happy to know that her baby will be fine with the medication and at first is happy to see Tom taking the medication or “the other Tom.” However, these drugs can cause side effects. One of the consequences is a suicidal habit, which young Tom tries. Ms. Elena recognizes this connection by recalling that a well-meaning parent warned her of the consequences of ADHD treatment.

Negotiations outside the hospital during a cigarette break,
and a well-thought-out parent, as a result
ADHD treatment. Decreasing the appearance of people
compared with the house with a favorite photographic stamp
to director Plá

The wise writing of director Ms Santullo helps Elena work hard to prevent the first Tom from being the next Tom. He has to fight with teachers who disclose Tom’s medication to other children and report him to Child Protection Services (CPS) if he decides to remove Tom from the medication he was given, which as “Catch 22” is a criminal offense. he could take Tom’s role. At the CPS meeting Elena is forced to take Tom to a remote children’s camp. As the CPS story progresses, Ms Santullo’s writings have a fascinating line of words that Tom spoke on the coffee machine symbolically to an elderly woman expressing her anxiety when choosing a strong coffee (to Elena’s accompanying mother, whom a good old woman did not recognize). : ““I am being judged today. I killed a Grade 4 Teacher and I didn’t mean it.“The observer knows that Tom did not kill anyone, but just hates him.

Tom’s talented teacher at school recognizes Tom’s skills
drawing and dedication to help Tom change
further in this section; the only positive comment
Elena receives from staff at Tom’s schools

The in-camera hearing about Tom is very dedicated
CPS staff whom Bright Tom describes as his “punishment”.

TThe film’s open end allows the viewer to realize that some laws benefit big business (here, pharmaceutical companies). Some teachers are rich in the education system; a talented teacher reveals to Elena that Tom is very talented as an artist. Some may teach well but do not protect the privacy of the student’s illness.

One of the film’s most famous aspects of a strong mother-child relationship is what Tom told Elena toward the end of the film: “If I said I hated you, it was because I was angry. ”

Tom ends up with a bloody nose,
when one teacher reveals that one student
is on medication, a fact that should not be disclosed

Elena, a loving mother, watches
even on legal child care options
without medication

WWhile Ms Santullo’s contributions are well-known and appreciated, her husband Rodrigo Plá is able to keep up the good work – telling the story vividly and impressively by choosing non-professional actors who are similar to the best performers. In his wondrous work, Too late after being shot in Uruguay, Plá concludes a film about the death of an adult and the shooting death of an elderly man suffering from dementia in a high-rise apartment building in Montevideo with a three-year-old daughter and a few attempts to care for her while the other is married. the daughter does not support her sister.
Too late indicates changes to Another Tom where a courageous mother finds it difficult to care for her parent because the nursing home is overcrowded and cannot accommodate her father. As in Another Tom, its end is open but the message about the plight of foster mothers is clear. But these women insist. The two directors are making films about issues that are not rich but work hard.

PS Another Tom wins Best Film award at Warsaw International Film Festival (Poland). Old director video Too late (2012) have already been reviewed on this blog. (Click on the movie’s black names in the post-script to view comments.) Too late (2012) were included in the author’s list of the best films of 2012. Another Tom is taking part in the ongoing Denver Film Festival.

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