The rare intent and ability to care for the future needs of others when you can do so

“I wanted to make a film with the title for a long time. The title is based on the discussion at the end of Mel Brooks’ movie. Burning Saddles; one asks the other, “Where are you going? and some respond, “Nothing special“, and the first man answered, “I always wanted to go there.” The idea of ​​the election is that there is no perfection, that you just have to be, to find a good place to live, simply. “

— Director Uberto Pasolini, in commenting on how he chose the title of the film to be his fictional writer, written after reading a newspaper article about the same family planning, and the parenting agency declined to disclose the details of the case to him, because. to secrecy (difficult translation of his interview presented to Malik Berkati at the Zurich video festival, captured in J: Ma. Lifestyle and Citizenship)

FThe director of ilm Uberto Pasolini makes small budget films very carefully and thinks he wants the respect of mature movie lovers around the world. His last two films Yet Life (2013) and his most recent work There is no Special (2020) focus on specific characters who are in the middle class but are affected by the world around them, helping people who need help less and more. Both of these works are best known for their original prints — the distinctive differences that set him apart from most other filmmakers, relying on someone else’s stories to direct them.

There is no Special and the story of another man, John, who raised his 3-year-old son, Michael, with the money he earned from his own window cleaning work in Northern Ireland. John envies his unmarried son and cares for him as a mother. As the film progresses, we learn that John is at risk of a serious illness and that Michael will not be in his arms for long. She went to a foster home and arranged for John and Michael to meet with Michael’s prospective parents so that John could decide on Michael’s family’s future.

Another man John (James Norton)
she goes shopping with her son
Michael (Daniel Lamont)

PThe astounding potential of asoline is to demonstrate the relationship between father and child in the absence of the mother. John offers all he can, according to his financial limits, which include providing toys and trips to shows for his smart, obedient son. The conversation is short and the performance of Daniel Lamont who was the first child to be taught by Pasolini reminds you of Charles Chaplin leading Jackie Coogan in Son
(1921) and perhaps even Vittorio de Sica lead the late Enzo Staiola in
Becoming a Bicycle (1948). James Norton’s pastoral advice as father John, to retaliate, and to change frustration and patience. There is no Special results in a wonderfully controlled result. Pasolini did the same with Eddie Marsan in his amazing film, Yet Life.

There are matching colors in between There is no Special and Yet Life? Both films learn about the actions of men in this life and what happens after death. Death is a big part of all these movies, wisely. Mu There is no Special, John activate and The concept of death for his 3 year old son by making him read about the death of a madinosaur. The audience sees a demonstration of her son’s understanding that his father is tired / sick as the boy covers his sleeping father with a slightly fallen blanket, perhaps depending on what his father would have done for him. All of Pasolini’s films are fun to learn more about what the director puts into the story, one example being of John looking in the rearview mirror of his car to watch an older student with his backpack return home, to think about what Michael would say. as if he were an adult.

The wealth of a single father who children see the tattoos,
which he tries to copy on his hand

Inein conversations with the dialogue pieces in the film, we learn that John was an orphan so he is very happy that Michael has a wonderful family to take care of. Mu Yet Life, officials of the non-racial organization, May, go to great lengths to talk to the relatives and friends of the deceased and inform them of the death of a baby boy and their forgotten relatives. Mu There is no Special, is a dying father who is concerned about the future of his child if he is placed in foster care. “This is the most important decision of my life. How do I know if I’m OK? “ John expresses his frustration at the child-rearing agency staff, who reminds him that the time is fast approaching for him to decide what to do with Michael. There is no clear indication of her deteriorating health other than vomiting (unfortunately seeing reality is more disgusting than the John Cassavetes film in 1970. Amuna) it is an emergency decision to stop working after climbing a ladder to clear a window. I admire Pasolini’s ability to add subtleties to all of his films that say so much without words. One example is keeping John’s wife / wife’s container left on the dashboard of his car (which he is selling to supplement his wallet because he has decided to stop working) to be included in Michael’s memory box when he grows up. , along with photos of John and Michael.

Breaking the sense of time for her little one
and 34 candles on John’s birthday cake

Inet is important to compare and contrast There is no Special and a Japanese film by Naomi Kawase True Mothers-two films on family planning were made in the same year in different parts of the world. True Mothers is a film produced by a leading mother about real mothers and orphaned foster mothers in the modern world. In both scenes, only one parent is surrendering his or her unborn child for selfish reasons. All of these are very well-made movies. Although religion is not in the Japanese film, for Pasolini this is important in There is no Special as it was in Yet Life. John teaches Michael to pray before bed and John has a quiet idea of ​​his future as he stops his car at the red sign, and sees the church closed by the cemetery, he finishes stopping the short car with a smile, perhaps indicating that he is now well prepared for the inevitable. Compared to Still Life, Nowhere Special has a dumb level of religion.

John looks at the church closed by the cemetery

John drives the car with a smile
A surprisingly final farewell to a three-year-old boy

Ufortunately, compared to Still Life, Nowhere Special is missing Pasolini’s music collection his wife, songwriter Rachel Portman, who enriched the first work. Even without Ms. Portman’s music is going well, There is no Special It is a very interesting sight for viewers who are not interested in escape stories and real stories. Mr. Pasolini, late Luchino Visconti filmmaker will be proud of you as his nephew who cares deeply about the films you make to impress discerning viewers!

PS There is no Special has won the Best Film Award at the Pula (Croatia) Film Festival, the Audience Awards in Warsaw (Poland) and the Valladolid (Spain) international festivals. Old director video Yet Life (2013), winner of the Best Film Award in the Horizons section of Venice, and 18 other awards worldwide, have already been highlighted on this blog.. Another Japanese film directed by director Naomi Kawase True Mothers the information presented in this review has already been reviewed on this blog. (Click on the black names for the films in the post-script for comment.) Both There is no Special (2020) and True Mothers (2020) are included in 2020 best video series.

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