The Match purse: How much money will Brooks Koepka, Bryson DeChambeau win?

Fifth edition of “Matches“features a well-known golf tournament between Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau.

So, what will the two players compete for? The greatest reward of all: freedom of boasting.

In the fifth edition of “The Match,” the money raised will be donated to charities, and no cash prizes will be awarded to Koepka or DeChambeau if they win. This is the fourth time in a row that “The Match” is donating money related to the event to a charitable organization instead of giving it to the winner of the competition.

This is how charitable funds are smashed, including the details of the holes with different competition given to the donations.

Match Fund: How much money will be donated to charities?

The total amount donated to charities at the end of the “Match” is unknown because the final figure depends on a number of factors. This is because there are five of the 12 holes that DeChambeau and Koepka are playing that have the added bonus provided depending on how the golfers compete.

In its history, “The Match” has donated $ 30 million to various charities, and has also donated $ 10 million to Feeding America, one of their donor organizations. In addition, the APGA Tour (Advocates Pro Golf Association Tour) is another major source of funding. WarnerMedia and golfers have also donated 3.75 million meals to Feeding America.

DeChambeau has decided to donate to Shriner’s Hospital for the occasion, while Koepka has decided to donate to St. Petersburg. Jude Children’s Hospital.

How much did the winner make?

In the first issue of “The Match” between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, the winner (Mickelson) took $ 9 million as his prize. However, the next three versions of “The Match” decided to donate the money to charities, so the winners did not take their money home.

“Match 5” will no longer have a DeChambeau or Koepka prize. The winner will leave with the freedom to boast.

What competitions will The Match have on education?

Five of the 12 holes that DeChambeau and Koepka will play have an additional training competition to allow them to donate more money to charities. Here is a list of all the holes of the competition and the amount of money that affects everyone.

Chapter 3

Bowolo is called “DraftKings Nearest to the Hole.” Anyone who throws their shots near the pit should be able to give $ 50,000 to their love of choice. If they reach a height of 5 meters from the hole, extra $ 150,000 will be provided. If one of the golfers has a hole-in-one, $ 2 million will also be provided.

Chapter 6

The third hole is called “Wheels Up / Meals Up and Feeding America Nearest to the Hole.” Anyone who shoots their tea near the pit will have it 500,000 food supplied to Feeding America in their name. If they are within five feet of the hole, extra 1.5 million food will be provided. If he has a pit-in-one, 20 million food will be provided. 100,000 water bottles will be provided by ZenWTR.

Chapter 7

The fifth hole is called the “Capital One Venture X Long Drive Challenge.” The one who hits the longest car on the tee will have it $ 200,000 provided in the name of the players.

Chapter 9

The third hole is called the “ZipRecruiter Nearest to the Hole.” The same rules and consequences apply from Hole 3 and the bowler.

Chapter 11

The third hole is called “Wagoneer Nearest to the Hole.” The same rules and results also apply from Hole 3 and Hole 11 and boole.

Bryson DeChambeau all the money

The DeChambeau net here is $ 10 million, according to The Sun.

In the six and a half years of his golf career, DeChambeau has raised about $ 23 million. In 2021, he earned about $ 5 million.

Brooks Koepka all the money

Koepka net worth about $ 18 million, according to The Sun.

Since becoming a professional in 2012, Koepka has earned over $ 35 million in his career. Its four main competitors contribute to that number, along with its various accolades.

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