The Gut Microbiome’s Role in Autism Gets Murkier

The study “confirms much of what people have been thinking,” says Calliope Holingue, a psychiatrist at the Center for Autism and Related Disorders at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Maryland, as to whether the link between autism and the microbiome could be due to diet. “That being said, I think it does not eliminate the possibility of autism spectrum disorders.”

One critic, he says, the study looked at the picture in time, not for long. “Although the authors have not found that autism is associated with microbiome formation or diversity, it does not mean that micro-organisms are just a few of the smaller, for example,” says Holingue. Yap agrees that in order to test causality, longer education will be needed.

Although there are no studies yet well illustrated This, early knowledge of the relationship between bowel and autism is expected to receive treatment. For example, a research team at Arizona State University published it education in 2017 which took 18 children on the autism spectrum who also had a stomach ache, and handed them over and put them in the toilet. In 2019, the group published a two-year follow-up, and reported a 50 percent change in symptoms associated with autism. But the study was randomized, had no control group, did not resemble a placebo, and had a small sample.

Arizona State University education has been causing controversy in the field, says Holingue. “Some people like it very much. And I think some people are worried that they are doing more harm than good, and they may not know what the motive is, ”he said. The real source of conflict between people with autism and their families has been as if the main focus of the research should be to seek help. “Many people with autism have been saying that they do not want research to focus on autism therapy or autism therapy, but the experiences that occur and the things that help them,” says Holingue.

While there is no conclusive evidence to suggest that the program is effective, preliminary research has urged hospitals to provide medical care to people with autism, including effective methods such as probiotics, prebiotics, and fecal microbiota transplants, or FMTs (or, more often than not, ” transpoosions “). Implantation — the way germs from a healthy person’s stool are transmitted to a patient through the ears or mouth — has been shown to benefit from other things: in particular, treatment of Clostridioides stormile colitis, a problem that is often debilitating, sometimes fatal, as a result of overuse of drugs, destroying the ability of the bacteria in the gut. This success has turned into hype when trying to treat a number of conditions – including autism.

“When people are autistic or [their] “Families receive the message that someone has autism, they are just left with enough support,” says James Cusack, CEO of Autistica, the UK’s autism research organization, which is on display. “And this can be very frustrating for families and individuals It also means autism.Another 2015 study surveyed parents and found that nearly nine out of 10 sought additional treatment and other treatments for autism in their children.) These parents may be at risk of trying things that have no evidence at all, Cusack says. “And it is very sad that people are in this position. All we have to do is try to understand the reasons why people make these decisions and try to help them take a different path. ”

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