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The Blue Technology Barometer is a list of 66 countries and territories along the coast for their development and commitment to safeguarding the stability of the oceans. It measures the extent to which resources are prioritized to protect maritime health, through sustainable water practices, blue technology, and policy development.


The Blue Technology Barometer measures the performance of countries and regions on four pillars:

The Blue Technology Barometer was developed through a selection of selected research groups and interviews by international experts, policy makers, and international maritime organizations.

It accounts for the economies of 66 countries and territories with major coastal or economic zones along the four main pillars: maritime environment, maritime events, technical expertise, and policy and legislation.

Inside each pillar, a series of symbols — a list of characteristics and quantities — were selected and placed among the people. Through case-control analysis, research, and peer review process by several of the subject matter experts interviewed in the report, rich feedback was provided to determine the significance of which indicator and pillar affected current leadership.

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