Ted Cruz Suddenly Denies Talking To Trump As The 1/6 Committee Closes In

On Sunday, Ted Cruz vehemently criticized Trump’s talks on January 6, with the 1/6 Committee closing Trump’s remarks.

Ted Cruz Unexpectedly Refused to Talk to Trump on 1/6

Sen. Cruz (R-TX) on CBS’s Face The Nation:

Post by Face The Nation:

MARGARET BRENNAN: I would be embarrassed if I did not ask you about the state of our democracy. I know you protested against the violence on Jan. 6, but in that book Peril, Bob Woodward and Robert Costa referred to the discussions you had with President Donald Trump at the time in Jan. 6, and that you know that there is no congressional authority. rolling the ballot. Hasn’t the skepticism undermined our democracy and our reputation in the world?

SEN. CRUZ: Well, I have not read the book, and I have not spoken to President Trump on Jan. 6–

MARGARET BRENNAN: Haven’t you talked to him about how he describes in detail in…

SEN. CRUZ: But let me tell you under the Constitution-

MARGARET BRENNAN: -but he explained a lot of what you discussed in the book with the anti-election president.

SEN CRUZ: I do not know- I do not know what the book says- but I did not speak to them on Jan. 6. But I also know what the constitution provides and-

MARGARET BRENNAN: -Or lead in Jan. 6? –

SEN. CRUZ: -I talked to him several times in the days and weeks and months leading up to Jan. 6, II I spoke to the president sometimes several times a week or once a day. But my point is simple. Under the Constitution, Congress is responsible, it is responsible for voting. And what I did, I gathered a group of 11 councilors, and we refused to call on the Foreign Electoral Commission to reconsider the fraudulent allegations of voters and to scrutinize and resolve to consider the evidence.

The book Peril has been published for several months, but Sen. Cruz has not denied reports that he had many discussions with Donald Trump so far. Ted Cruz is playing a dangerous game, because if he talked to Trump, it is likely that there will be evidence of that discussion in the documents that the 1/6 Committee wants.

The 1/6 committee has been interested in the activities of Sens. Cruz and Paul before, during, and after the attacks.

The 1/6 committee is digging, and Ted Cruz says he has not spoken to Trump, but if he does, he will not be able to hide it for long.

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