Swedes tire of ‘political circus’ after day of chaos in Stockholm

After much a strange and tumultuous day in the modern history of Swedish politics, Magdalena Andersson – the prime minister for just seven hours before Wednesday’s release – could agree on one thing with her enemies: national politics and chaos.

In less than a day all the controversy that started ten years ago over rapid rise of Sweden Democrats exploded, underscoring the difficulties of establishing a stable government in the divided politics of Scandinavia.

First, around 10am, Andersson, the leader of the Social Democrats center in the left, was confirmed as prime minister despite losing the vote because his opponents could not mobilize to prevent him from taking office.

By 4pm he was in dire straits when his financial plan – which had been drafted by former finance minister in the previous alliance – was rejected. Instead a budget made by the opposition, anti-immigrant Sweden Sweden Democrats and two right-wing parties were established. This was the first time that a budget budget was made by a party that many Swedish politicians call right-handed.

An hour and a half later, the Andersson government collapsed when a small party, the Greens, withdrew from the coalition, forcing the Prime Minister to resign.

“A lot of people are wondering what’s going on in Swedish politics right now,” said Ebba Busch, a senior right-wing leader of the Christian Democrats. Ulf Kristersson, Moderates’ counterpart and future prime minister, added: “These political games are the worst in Sweden.”

Out of all chaos, Andersson they have access to redemption. The same parties that backed him as Prime Minister on Wednesday showed they were still supporting him. This means he needs to be re-confirmed in the coming days as prime minister, leading a one-party state.

Andreas Norlen, the speaker of parliament, said he had re-elected Andersson as prime minister on Monday, but angrily on Thursday criticized the Greens, saying he was “deeply saddened” by what happened the day before.

Some political analysts believe that the turmoil could strengthen his party. “Only the Social Democratic government can come out better from the turmoil we are in. It is easier for them to govern themselves than the Greens,” said Jenny Madestam, a senior lecturer in politics at Sodertorn University.

Both parties are now facing a general election next September, which experts say is due to Wednesday’s turmoil as several parties seek to raise their profile. But it is not true that the new elections will solve Sweden’s biggest problem: a divided political system in which the formation of a stable government has become a major issue. struggle.

“The big issue is how the councilors are doing, the weaknesses we have seen over the last 10 years. How many will know that it will be the same after the next election. It makes it difficult to raise key points, “said Andreas Wallstrom, head of forecasting at Swedbank lending.

Swedish businesses have been frustrated by the government’s inability to cope with power shortages, construction, housing and immigration inclusion. “This government, as I see it, has done very little in terms of policy in its seven years of expansion,” said a senior official this month.

Political winds seem to be favoring the opposition, in particular a nationalists. “The great success of the Democrats in Sweden since our inception is a reality,” said Mathias Karlsson, party spokesman, as he posted pictures of himself and the party leader drinking champagne yesterday.

Sweden’s top Democrat analyst Mattias Karlsson described the past few days as “a great victory” © Michael Campanella / Getty Images.

Not only was their budget seized, but also their main issues – the ever-increasing number of terrorists including shooting and bombing, as well as migration – are essential for voters. The Democrats in Sweden they also appear closer to their goal of forming a stable party with the Moderates and the Christian Democrats.

“The winners from Wednesday are the Sweden Democrats. The right side has a clear plan for the government. All the problems are better now,” Madestam said.

Andersson has problems with coordinating government contracts. Its support teams range from the old Communist Left to the Center-right Center and the Greens. The latter two blamed each other for Wednesday’s turmoil, with the Center refusing to allow the left to be affected.

Stefan Lofven, Andersson’s successor and prime minister, succeeded paper on different for seven years, but before the election the Center, Left, and Greens all want to increase their support.

However, Madestam thinks the major parties – Social Democrats, Moderates and Sweden Democrats – are the biggest beneficiaries. “Voters see what happens when we have an unknown problem. They think twice when they elect their party in the next election and I think how Sweden can have a stable government,” he added.

Until then, Andersson may have the opportunity to reappear as Prime Minister but has no chance of implementing a major change.

Wallstrom said he and many financial experts were frustrated by the lack of funding despite the growing complexity and complexity of crime. Sweden’s public economy is strong, and GDP debt has already returned to the plague before about 35 percent.

He added: “We are seeing the political impact of weak economic policies over the past few years. Violent parties [the Left and Sweden Democrats] gets votes. Ways to prevent such extremes would be to improve the economic situation of the people, and we would be able to reduce taxes and increase social benefits. ”

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