Stormtrooper ‘Art Wars’ sparks legal action

Several artists, including well-known names, are contemplating opposition to London manager and artist, Ben Moore. It is alleged that Moore made a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) donation linked to their services without having any ownership or permission to make other works from their original designs. The “Art Wars” collection is an online activity of 1,138 NFTs plus about 100 made from Stormtrooper hat images. This was originally created by experts such as Anish Kapoor and Jake & Dinos Chapman to create a unique, charitable project that was exhibited at London’s Saatchi Gallery in 2013.

As of November 6, commercials from the NFT group have generated more than 1,600 ETH (approximately £ 5m) on the OpenSea platform, according to Jon Sharples, a Canvas Art Law partner, who represents several artists.

“In the short term, it does not make sense to say that NFTs represent gray areas where existing laws do not work.

Ben Moore says he “regrets that some of the artists were surprised” by the launch of the internet and that he fired jobs at their request. All participating artists are eligible for a rebate on appropriate marketing, he adds. A few weeks ago, she said: “It was like searching for a world I had never known. NFT is a crypto universe and a different place. At the time of writing, the entire Art Wars team had been removed from OpenSea.

This month’s megawatt sales in New York will double the total revenue of 2021 by a two-fold increase over last year’s failed results, says Christine Bourron, chief executive of the corporate marketing firm, Pi-eX. Sales from Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Phillips currently run at $ 10.8bn a year so far, compared to $ 5.8bn at the same time last year, Bourron has found. Owners ‘collections, especially November donations from Macklowes’ s divorced Sotheby’s and works from the late Texas oil company Edwin Cox at Christie’s, have been in full swing when the hands-on retailers in 2020 launched this year. A special ArtTactic report finds that the sale of one-off owners accounted for 20 percent ($ 2.2bn) of value so far this year, with Macklowe and Cox sales taking $ 1bn.

‘No Bare Back, after Embah’ (2017) by Lisa Brice

Primary market favorites, rejected by their retailers, are also finding their audience at the evening market: Lisa Brice (2017 No Bare Back, After Embah “, selling for $ 2.6m ($ 3.2m and fine, est $ 200,000- $ 300,000) art created recently November 18th.

The number of lots has dropped dramatically since 2007, according to Pi-eX, as retailers chase every folder. Todd Levin, a New York-based art consultant, says “Macklowe threw a turbo-charge this season, and there is more to come in May. . ”

Inigo philanthropist Philbrick, who was arrested as a fugitive on the South Pacific island of Vanuatu in June 2020, has confessed to defrauding buyers and investors of more than $ 86m. For years, his “lies” included fraudulent contractors, who branded him as a salesman, according to the United States Attorney General’s Office. Philbrick’s deception took the paintings of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Christopher Wool and Rudolf Stingel, his words.

Philbrick is due to serve 20 years in prison after a trial next year, but his lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman, says he “hopes Inigo will receive a lesser sentence.” Concerning his client, Lichtman states that he “has a long way to go to regain his trust but is very self-conscious. . . He realizes that his behavior was stupid, childish, but more importantly – a criminal. He will spend the rest of his life giving back to his victims and becoming a better person in the community. ”

Christine Messineo, the new director of Frieze LA and Frieze New York

Frieze has appointed Christine Messineo to run her US shows in Los Angeles and New York, in place of Rebecca Ann Siegel, who left in July 2021. Photos of Hannah Hoffman in LA. Recently, Messineo launched a popular strategy for Plan Your Vote, along with, to encourage people to participate in the 2020 general elections in the US through inspiring artwork. It officially kicks off next week when it will join Seoul’s newly elected Frieze leader Patrick Lee, during a visit to the Art Basel Miami exhibition (December 2-4). Art Basel himself has yet to find a replacement for their American director, Noah Horowitz, who also left this summer. A spokesman said: “Art Basel is actively recruiting a new American Director; this is a process in progress and more will be announced in due course.”

Photo by Catherine the Great by Dmitry Levitsky

As the pressure to persuade people to be killed by Covid-19 intensifies, MacDougall’s – a Russian art expert – delivers a 1787 letter from Catherine the Great recommending smallpox vaccine. “Such vaccinations must be carried out everywhere,” wrote his governor Count Piotr Aleksandrovich Rumiantsev, to avoid “serious injury.” The queen was diagnosed with smallpox – her future husband contracted the virus before marriage and was devastated. The letter will be for sale by a portrait of Catherine II by Dmitry Levitsky, who must have been photographed during his reign (1762-1796), both from the same Russian group, for between £ 800,000 and £ 1.2m at MacDougall’s London December 1. from commercial, including photograph and letter, are displayed at Zubov House in Moscow until November 30.

‘The Auction’ (1958) by LS Lowry

Sotheby’s London sold the only iconic painting of the living room by beloved British artist LS Lowry, which cost £ 2.1m (£ 2.6m and a fine, est £ 1.2m- £ 1.8m) on Tuesday. While life mimics art, much was different since Lowry filmed the crowded “The Auction” in 1958. There were no high-quality prams or artwork in the 2021 sales room, where most of the buzz was over the phone or online. The project was one of five Lowrys sold at Sotheby’s Modern British & Irish art sale on November 23. This also provided the “Head” of Elisabeth Frink (1967), sold by fashion designer Mary Quant for £ 75,000 (£ 94,500 and price) .

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