Sandy Thomson looking to land Rehearsal Chase at Newcastle with ‘improving’ The Ferry Master | Racing News

Sandy Thomson will bid for the List Rehearsal Handicap Chase bag again on Saturday, having won the 2020 competition with Grade One winner Yorkhill.

He unleashed one of the most surprising moments of the season as Yorkhill won 66-1 last year, heading to Newcastle with two active contenders this week.

Both The Ferry Master and Dingo Dollar, who were announced as Saturday’s runners-up, ran in the Scottish National and were the last runners-up second behind Mighty Thunder, the two of whom chased the rest straight home.

The Ferry coach was about seven feet behind the fourth, but that only tells half of the story, as Thomson explains. “When he went to Ayr, I always wondered if the Ferry Coach would be, but the owners were eager to go.

Dingo Dollar ride by Wayne Hutchinson removes last wall to win Le Chalice Maiden Hurdle Race, at Bangor Racecourse

“Did he stay? It’s an unanswered question, but turning around, he looked the winner, and probably arrived quickly.

“All we can say is that I don’t think he would be bothered to go back three miles, having won the course by distance as a novice on the same card last year, and I think it would be hard to ask. For Dingo Dollar to give him 17lb.”

The Ferry Master had just passed the fourth round of fencing in the Scottish National and should have a chance to do well, according to Thomson.

“They always say Scottish National is a tough competition, but they caught it well and jumped well,” he said.

“I have (recently Haydock II) Empire Steel at 142 and (Hexham winner) Doyen Breed amazingly at 143 now. The Ferry Master is only 132, but I would not say it is the best. , even though it means Ryan (Mania) can’t ride him. “

“We were thrilled with the re-emergence of the Dingo Dollar in Kelso, as we had The Ferry Master’s in Musselburgh, and ran a big race on the soft ground in the Ladbrokes Trophy three years ago, so I don’t think they would be distracted by the rain that predicted Saturday.

“It will make it very difficult, and the owners want to expel him from the National, I believe he will run a strong race and maintain his absolute purity.

“He passed Aintree’s fences before coming with me, but that’s when he lost his way.”

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