Rittenhouse Verdict Consistent with Right Wing’s Effort of Destroy Democracy

The release of all charges against Kyle Rittenhouse, who killed two people with his AR-15 rifle during a Black Lives Matter protest last summer in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is a tragedy for many.

Whether Rittenhouse himself is truly a nobleman, he has certainly been promoted by the well-to-do elites and white supremacist organizations as a symbol of political supremacy.

Colin Kaepernick responded to the ruling by stating that “White Supremacy cannot be changed.”

Of course, I would agree, the valuable white supremacist system, certainly a white supremacist concern, sets this standard straight. We, too, need to unravel the meaning of saying that white leadership was at the heart of the decision in view of the consequences of that decision. We need to look at the content of this resolution in relation to the work that was done to destroy the weapons of democracy and to grant the authority to white supremacy, power, and air in other areas contrary to the law.

Let’s put it this way in the light of recent history since Donald Trump lost in last November’s presidential election.

All right, let’s start there. White supremacy, a widespread and compelling analysis, has shaped the US movement since its inception. The legal, governmental, and economic policies of the country are based on white supremacy. The Trump administration in particular was impressed by this, playful – and greedy – American-American concern about losing its opportunity and any good that is associated with cleanliness.

After Trump lost the White House, a major loss came as a result of the growing number of black voters, particularly in Georgia, and widespread concern among White Americans was that the White House should not be too white, to keep it afloat. promoting and promoting pure opportunities. As a result, so-called “terrorists” stormed the Capitol on January 6 to disrupt the peaceful transition of the Biden-Harris administration and retain Trump. I mean the so-called “rebels,” because like I did already written for PoliticusUsa, calling them rebels shows that they want to overthrow a system that was stable in the past while they wanted to maintain peace in the US.

After losing power, the wings of the trumpets continued, with great force, trying to overthrow the government as a democratic system that creates and enforces the rule of law and protects the rights of all people.

While non-whites have shown that they can use the democratic system of government, that it was no longer a tool to maintain white supremacy and inequality often through political and legal means, then, it must go. The system had gone beyond its mandate.

And this is what we have seen now. Republicans, extremists on the right, and white supremacists are rushing to use the weapons of democracy to overthrow it.

Just think of the amount of oppressive voting laws enacted in government laws. In Georgia, it is illegal to share water with anyone who is waiting to vote!

But even this law is small in comparison with the efforts to overthrow the state, the state, all, and establish the rule and law in the hands of the individual.

This growing trend we have seen clearly in recent Texas laws against abortion. As we have all heard so far, Republicans drafted the law in such a way that the government does not intervene in enforcing the law. Instead, the law allows “any person” who does not work for the state or city to prosecute anyone who acts or supports and aborts. No government official is allowed to comply with this law, and no government should be held liable.

This Texas law, an example of using democratic weapons to destroy a democratic country by law alone, imposing destructive laws, is in line with the rise of security across the country (which I previously wrote about Pano and Pano) and, in particular, by Rittenhouse ruling.

For whatever reason, Republicans and right-wing extremists evade the importance and power of a democratically elected government that represents the will of the people. Their behavior shows that they reject the validity of the very idea that the government represents and represents the will of the majority, instead seeking to empower, even represent, a minority non-governmental organization to fulfill and enforce their beliefs in America. many. They want to disrupt, end the country only if it becomes known that the people of the nations can participate in the mass census.

So, despite the fact that, in an effort to strengthen white supremacy and the heart of the demolition efforts (in the words of Steve Bannon, “reform the state-of-the-art democratic system of governance. management system management system management system management system management system management system).

Western Americans sometimes find it difficult to understand that racism, or white supremacy, is not politically and economically viable (as Heather McGhee Number of Us: What Racism Affects Everyone and How We Can Do It Together and Jonathan Metzl Death and Whiteness: How Racial Policies Kill the American Heart has shown compulsion, citing only two examples).

Understanding these laws as we see them in Texas and the judgments as we see them in the Rittenhouse case threatens, deprives us of our democratic freedoms and weakens us, can help White America understand the violence that contributes to and encourages not only others but opposition. only.

We who have white skin should abandon the language of “ally-ship” and recognize our iron, our deep alliance with equal interest, in the fight for democracy and in opposition to white supremacy.

The Rittenhouse Declaration is part of a larger campaign to undermine democracy and promote white supremacy in the sense that it “empowers” a person against the democratic government.

Tim Libretti is a professor of US literature and culture at State University in Chicago. The long-running progressive story, published a number of academic and social media articles by culture, class, race, gender, and politics, received awards from the Working Class Studies Association, the International Labor Communications Association, the National Federation of Press Women, and the Illinois Woman’s Press Association. .

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