Ranking college football’s 10 best rivalry trophies, from the Iron Skillet to the Old Brass Spittoon

Everyone loves good competition, right? Obviously, international competition is good and all, but why should only a national champion have to upgrade weapons at the end of a game or at the end of a season?

Fortunately, this is college football, cool titles won and fans of the game were given several trophies in competitive sports, old and new, but most are as well known and audible as any other competition.

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And even schools without competing trophies (ahem, UCF and UConn) tried to get them with create their own , although he never did.

Most competition cups are good looking and have a lot of the same decoration – either they look like a competition, they have a ball, and a cup or jug ​​of some kind or it is simple.

But from time to time, a competition comes along that has a good reputation behind it, is well-received or has some form of culture that violates culture.

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One of them – Golden Egg – will be taken Thursday while No. 9 Ole Miss goes to Starkville to take Missisippi State in the annual Egg Bowl. The Rebels won last year’s game and have a permanent win of 63-46-6 on the list.

And although this week is a competitive week in college football, not all players are competitive (The Game, The Iron Bowl), but all the best trophies are awarded on competition week.

Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items.

1. Iron Skillet – SMU vs. TCU to

  • First given: 1946
  • Recent winners: Sept. 28, 2021 – SMU 42, TCU 31
  • History: TCU leads 51-42-7

This is a dispute between two Texas schools that have been in existence since 1915 and have had 100 meetings, but the presentation of the Trophy – a stainless steel – began in 1946. Like several trophies on the list, the starting story varies.

One account it said it started “banning the cutting of school supplies” by violent fans and the skillet was replaced by vandalism. Another comment shows that the SMU fan was frying the frogs’ legs before the game as a joke and the frustrated TCU fan decided that the outcome of the game should be to deterime who found the skillet and frog’s legs.

This year’s fight was free of controversy, like then-TCU coach Gary Patterson filed a number of lawsuits at SMU , one month after resigning. SMU Trainer Sonny Dykes is said to be Patterson’s successor.

2. Floyd of Rosedale – Iowa vs. Minnesota

  • First given: 1935
  • Recent winners: Nov. 13, 2021 – Iowa 27, Minnesota 22
  • History: Minnesota leads 62-51-2

The 1934 rivalry between the Golden Gophers and Hawkeyes escalated as Iowa chase Ozzie Simmons, one of the few black players in the country at the time, realized he was beaten too late and quit the game. three times as a result of injuries.

The following year when the two schools confronted each other, the Iowa governor intervened and said whether the Minnesota players or officials treated Simmons as they had in the past, that the crowd could not stand.

In an effort to reduce tensions, the Minnesota governor sent a telegram to the Gophers to win the match, and the Iowa governor agreed. The name of the competition comes from Floyd Olson, former governor of Minnesota and Rosedale Farms, where Olson found pigs.

3. Golden Egg – Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss

  • First given: 1927
  • Recent winners: Nov. 28, 2020 – Ole Miss 31, Mississippi State 24
  • History: Ole Miss leads 63-46-6

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In another case of attempted genocide, the contest was not named “The Egg Bowl” until 1979 when Mississppi sports secretary Tom Patterson called it such. Prior to this, it was the Golden Egg War, which became known by its name from the competition it presented.

In 1926, Ole Miss won 13 losing games in the competition, defeating Mississippi State 7-6 in Starkville. As a result , Ole Miss fans shot in the field, tried to score goals and fights broke out, which led to the creation of the Golden Egg egg as a way to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Although the egg was not really gold, the egg is a ball that looks more like a ball that was used at the time than it is now, so it is more like an egg than a ball.

4. Jeweled Shillelagh – Notre Dame vs. USC

  • First given: 1952
  • Recent winners: Oct. 23, 2021 – Notre Dame 31, USC 16
  • History: Notre Dame leads. 48-36-5

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The rivalry between the two schools actually began in 1926, but in 1952, Notre Dame Alumni Club of Los Angeles decided to commemorate the following up until then and ordered a show of shillelagh, an ancient Gaelic army.

At the time, it was said that shillelagh had to do that “It represents, among other things, the highest honor, the strongest controversy and the honor that the two great universities have for each other.” Shillelagh features a Trojan embellished ruby ​​on USC winning and emerald-decorated shamrocks for Notre Dame’s victory.

The original Shillelagh was completed in 1989 and is on display in South Bend. The current one is longer and reminiscent of the success of the 1990s series.

5. Wheel Wagon – Akron vs. Kent State

  • First given: 1946
  • Recent winners: Nov. 20, 2021 – Kent State 38, Akron 0
  • History: Akron leads 35-27-2

While not a competition between the two perpetual football authorities, the competition is closely linked to both schools.

The competition came when former Akron industrialist John Buchtel began setting up a college where Kent State is now in the 1870s. On the way, his chariot plunged into the mud and the horses pulled it away, but the wheel fell off his chariot.

Wheels were invented in 1902 and in 1945 they were selected as the winner of the battle between the two MAC schools.

6. Paul Bunyan’s Ax – Wisconsin vs. Minnesota

  • First given: 1948
  • Recent winners: Dec. 19, 2020 – Wisconsin 20, Minnesota 17
  • History: Wisconsin leads 62-60-8

It was founded in 1948 change the lost “Slab of Bacon” competition produced by Wisconsin letterwinners, the club is one of the best known, and among the biggest in college football.

At a distance of more than six feet, the number of each match in the tournament is recorded on the handle, one side painted red and white for Badgers and maroon and Golden Gophers gold. A new one was created in 2000 and the first award was presented to the College Football Hall of Fame in 2003.

Usually, the winner of each game picks up an ax and runs to the field with it “cut” goals for opnents.

7. Little Brown Jug – Michigan vs. Minnesota

  • First given: 1903
  • Recent winners: Oct. 24, 2020 – Michigan 49, Minnesota 24
  • History: Michigan leads 76-25-3

The oldest college football tournament, the Little Brown Jug when Michigan traveled to Minnesota and brought his five-gallon jar for former Wolverines Fielding Yost coach. he did not believe so that the waters of his organization will not be disturbed.

The the jug was first given after the two schools built 6-6. In a pandemonium of Minnesota fans celebrating a comeback and ruining a field, Yost left a jar in Minneapolis amid all the chaos.

Due to the nature of the game, Wolverines and Gophers did not play each other until 1909, with the jug going to the winner in every game since then.

8. The Golden Hat – Oklahoma vs. Texas

  • First given: 1941
  • The latest winner : Oct. 9, 2021 – Oklahoma 55, Texas 48
  • History: Texas leads 62-50-5

Red River has delivered the best of the Big 12 games and college football over the past few years, this included, when Texas hit 21st and Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley placed on the bench of former Heisman beloved Spencer Rattler.

The winner of this great competition will wear a gold gown (formerly bronze) ten gallons for safekeeping for the rest of the year. It was originally offered and Texas State Fair in 1941 and is located provided by the president of a successful university.

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9. The Golden Shoe – LSU vs. Arkansas

  • First given: 1996
  • Recent winners: Nov. 13, 2021 – Arkansas 16, LSU 13 (OT)
  • History: LSU leads 42-23-2

One of the newest trophies on the list, is one of the most iconic.

Established in 1996 and was made by a former Razorback linebacker, made of 24-karat solid gold, 4 meters long and 200 pounds and is worth about $ 10,000. The race is known by its name from Arkansas and Louisiana, who border with each other and resemble shoes.

LSU leads the regular line-up and the series since the inception of the Golden Boot, although Sam Pittman’s side continued their impossibility climbing into Death Valley and knocked out the Tigers 16-13 in extra time this year.

10. Old Brass Spittoon – Michigan State vs. Indiana

  • First given: 1950
  • Recent winners: Oct. 16, 2021 – Michigan State 20, Indiana 15
  • History: Michigan State leads 49-17-2

Inspired by another milestone on the list, the Old Brass Spittoon was found by the President of the Michigan State Student Council at an old shop in East Lansing.

It was originally bought for $ 25 and there was no guarantee for the Hoosiers to accept this competition with a pin, but in the end Indiana sent a telegram and accepted the challenge. After this, the competition was given to the game before each team as a reminder of what they are playing.

The Spartans are 1-1 in a battle for the prestigious tournament under coach Mel Tucker and were impressed with the 20-15 victory over Bloomington earlier this year.

Distinguished Names:

There are many trophies out there that have interesting, exciting, all-or-nothing stories,

Here are five missed trophies:

1. Platypus (Oregon vs. Oregon State)

2. The Saddle (TCU vs. Texas Tech)

3. The Bronze Stalk (NIU vs. Ball State)

4. Chancellor’s Spurs (Texas vs. Texas Tech)

5. Land of Lincoln (Illinois vs. Northwestern)

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