Ralf Rangnick: Teams coached, trophies won and philosophy of Man Utd’s interim manager explained

European commentators like Jurgen Klopp and Thomas Tuchel have a lot of ideas for the game with Ralf Rangnick, a man known as the “Professor” in Germany.

Although he did not practice as a footballer, Rangnick’s coaching skills were evident from an early age and he soon made a name for himself in Germany.

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GOAL looks at the teams it has managed, the trophies it has won and its technical prowess.

What teams did Ralf Rangnick coach?

Rangnick has coached several teams throughout his career, working mainly in Germany.

He has been a senior coach at clubs such as Stuttgart, Schalke, Hanover 96, Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig.

Group Age of operation
Victoria Backnang 1983-85
Stuttgart II 1985-87
Lippwoldsweiler 1987-88
SC basket 1989-90
Stuttgart U19 1990-94
Reutlingen 1995-96
SSV Ulm 1997-99
Stuttgart 1999-2001
Hannover 96 2001-04
Schalke 2004-05
Hoffenheim 2006-11
Schalke 2011
RB Leipzig 2015-16
RB Leipzig 2018-19

In addition to coaching, Rangnick also served as director of football teams under Red Bull, including Red Bull Salzburg, RB Leipzig and the New York Red Bulls.

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He also worked with Russian Premier League team Lokomotiv Moscow on a managerial basis.

Rangnick’s history in the game has seen him linked with major European teams such as AC Milan, Chelsea and Manchester United, as well as the German national team.

How many trophies has Ralf Rangnick won?

Rangnick has won seven trophies in various categories throughout his coaching career.

His most successful season of silverware came during his time at Schalke, where he led the team to the DFL Ligapokal in 2005, the DFB Pokal in 2010-11 and the DFL Supercup in 2011. His time at Gelsenkirchen also awarded the Bundesliga and DFB Pokal final in 2004- 05.

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Rangnick also won silver medals at Stuttgart, where he won the title, leading them to the glory of the Intertoto Cup in 2000, after leading the youth team to the Bundesliga youth ranks in 1991.

He won the Regionalliga Sud and Ulm in 1997-98 and helped Hannover 96 to promotion to 2nd Bundesliga in 2001-02.

You can see the trophies that Rangnick won below:

There are Successful years
DFB Cup 2010-11
DFL Supercup 2011
DFL League Cup 2004-05
Intertoto Cup 2000
2. Bundesliga 2001-02
Regionalliga Sud 1997-98
Bundesliga U19 1990-91

What is Ralf Rangnick’s coaching philosophy?

Rangnick is an assistant of ‘Anti-coercion‘The football match that became famous with the likes of Jurgen Klopp during his time as Borussia Dortmund head coach.

It’s a technique that requires a lot of pressure to keep the team under pressure and to win the ball quickly, and set a mark to protect you to reduce the risk of a quick fight.

Rangnick revealed that his “ball epiphany” came at a 1983 friendly match against Dynamo Kyiv, coached by Valeriy Lobanovskyi. “Kyiv was the first team I ever met to kick the ball in order,” he said. “It was my football epiphany. I understood that there was a different way to play.”

He explained his philosophy in an interview with The Coaches’ Voice: “It’s about controlling the game. In fact, we have five events that determine the game.

“You have to be, as a coach, a clear idea of ​​how we want to play when we have the ball.

“The second number is: what do we want to do if another team wins the ball? What game can I give to my players when the other team wins the ball? Coaching his teammate Jurgen Klopp and square passes and back passes. Just having a ball alone doesn’t make sense.

“Then we have time to change: what happens when we lose the ball and what happens when we win the ball? This is number three and number four.

“Then, of course, we have the conditions. This is very important. If 30 percent of the goals are scored after the sessions, how much training time should we spend on making weapons? Cent.”

Rangnick added: “It’s putting another team under pressure, no matter how high it goes [the pitch]. The ride is better, but wherever there is a ball, we try to get the ball back.

“It’s not just about the place where we win the ball, but also the strength. The more we win the ball at the moment, the more we take the strength and the tempo to win. That means, it’s a lot harder.

“The most important thing is ‘rest defense’. It doesn’t matter if you are playing two or three midfielders, they have to make sure that one or two other players with the other team are played.

“This is nothing less than a brain train story. This is what we call ‘rest defense’ and it is a very important thing to teach this. Not just tell the player, but train him in the coaching staff.”

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