Pantaya Tiene Tu Programación Perfecto Para Este Thanksgiving!

Have you already planned your family programs for this Thanksgiving? Then Same It has everything you are looking for with various movies and lists. Because after dinner, comfort and fun while we rest for the second meal is essential. See only the options available …

Loveless Millionaire

A lonely, millionaire, bewitched by Daniela, an actress who makes her move to a low-income village to win her heart.

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My Name Is Not Rubén Blades

Rubén Blades, an image of Latin American music, was in the midst of a salsa revolution in the 1970’s.

All Invisible

Jonah suddenly lost his sight because of an accident (Ari Brickman) could not play. Events will lead him to find other ways, unexpectedly so far, to move forward.


Leo is a rebellious child, but Leo’s skills set him apart from most other students. Grandmothers, Mothers and ‘Profe’ Cruz show Leo the world they will discover through their teachings.

Ana and Bruno

An interesting story about a girl who seeks her father to help her rescue her troubled mother.

Los Rodríguez And The Beyond

Family like any other, they believed that. Everything will change when he finds out that the last grandparents were from another country. In addition, he left the natural door in the family locker room to enter and, unknowingly, his granddaughter Nicolás started. From then on the chaos will take the presence of this family who will receive inhumane powers that they do not know how to control. The danger is even greater when from the world of grandparents they encounter and receive the following threat: if someone from the world suspects something strange before he can close the cosmic door once … another world, at Maktub, for him and for the last day. He has to live for several days until the canal is closed. It seems easy. But everything that can go wrong … happens.

Grandmother’s Wedding

Although they are very different, everyone tries to run the party peacefully, but this is much more difficult than it seems. Grandpa’s marriage is in jeopardy because of their grandchildren and they are the only ones who can make it a happy ending.

Walking With Derbez (Season 1-2)

In “On Trip With The Derbez” we follow the exciting Derbez family, discovering new cultures abroad. This charismatic family, led by the late Eugenio Derbez, allows for the first time to record a trip (without any filter), when we see how they live together and how they resolve their conflicts, as we accompany them in their actions. By: Eugenio Derbez, Alessandra Rosaldo, Aislinn Derbez, Mauricio Ochmann, Vadhir Derbez and José Eduardo Derbez.

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We’ll see

Rodrigo and Alejandra have regular contact with each other because of the responsibility of raising their child, Santi. Realizing that Santi needs surgery, Santi lists her wishes and decides to meet her parents.

The Lopeggs

Los Lopeggs is a Latin family cartoon: Lazy Men (lyrics by Carlos Ponce), Working Mothers (vocals for Angélica Vale), youth activists, terrorist babies, crazy grandparents, ghosts, music, football and many other tacos.

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Omar Chaparro takes his son on a motorbike ride to Chihuahua to show him where he came from. You think you are teaching your child a lesson, but he may have more to learn.

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