Pace Converter

A pace converter is a tool that can be used to convert the pace of a runner from one unit of measurement to another. For example, a runner who wants to know their Pace Per Mile (pace/mile) can use a pace converter to find out their Pace Per Kilometer (pace/km). Pace converters can be used for both training and racing purposes.

They can help runners to find their target pace for a workout or race, and they can also be used to compare the pace of different runners. Pace converters are available online and in many running stores.

When running or cycling, have you ever wondered what your pace was in terms of minutes per kilometer or even miles per hour? Or maybe you're training for a specific race that uses a different unit of measure. In either case, a pace converter can come in handy.


Pace converters are simple calculators that allow you to input your pace in one unit of measurement and then convert it to another. For example, you could input your pace as minutes per kilometer and then find out your equivalent pace in miles per hour.


There are a few things to keep in mind when using a pace converter. First, make sure you're using the same units of measurement for both the input and output. That is, if you're inputting your pace in minutes per kilometer, be sure to also convert the output to minutes per kilometer. Second, keep in mind that Pace Converter will only give you an accurate reading if you input an accurate pace. Pace can be affected by factors such as terrain, weather, and fatigue, so be sure to take those into account when inputting your data.


Using a pace converter is a quick and easy way to compare paces between different units of measurement. Whether you're training for a specific race or just curious about your pace, a pace converter can help you out.

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