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Kate (Jenny Seagrove), Liz (Sally Phillips) and Cassie (Kelly Preston) mourns the loss of their dear friend. They all grew up together, but they have gone their separate ways and they are all living very different lives. However, they will soon realize that their lost friend will bring them all together for the last time.

This is because the wish of their dying friend was prompting them to reschedule their railroad crossings across Europe as they did in their youth. There is a fish – they have to take their friend’s daughter, Maddie (Elizabeth Dormer-Phillips) with them.

Off The Rails is a comedy and its original form Jules Williamson and the Jordan Waller script. Fortunately, the film is well-informed and the good news of a lost friendship and youth will resonate with many. However, there are some challenges depending on how you want to connect with this story and trust the characters.

First, there is another feeling that director Williamson apparently wants to create; The trip to Europe was the passion of young people in their 80’s. The problem is that although many people sing them, their names do not seem to be enough to convince the audience that they are lifelong friends. Very few Kelly Preston who is doing a good job, feel they have no place.

There is also the issue of music and for Blondie fans then you may have a chance. However, even the most fan diehard Blondie can start a cupboard. This is because when the song is played every five minutes, it can confuse some fans when they start to wonder what they are playing and what is left.

This greatly disturbs the plot and becomes apparent when the song seems to be over with repeating one from the beginning.

Off The Rails know what kind of audience they want to be and this can fall apart. Because it all sounds like a rude attempt to get his audience to connect with the characters by blowing them up with subtle voices while throwing humorous scenes in front of them.

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