NFL power rankings: Cardinals back to No. 1; Chiefs, Patriots rise as Cowboys, Bills fall for Week 12

Week 11 in the NFL brought unexpected results. If the events of the game had been widely publicized, then that would have been the case.

The wild, bad 2021 parity season has taken “Every Sunday” into a new phase. Each week, distractions and startups are changing the way the league is going in an attempt to separate its best and worst teams.

Starting with No. 1 (again), there are big changes, highs and lows, in Sporting News’ strong game this week. This is how the SN views the masses, from 1-32, to Week 12:

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NFL power formats

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1. Arizona Cardinals 9-2 (back row: 3)

The cardinals won other games without Kyler Murray while Colt McCoy was sacked in Seattle, making a significant contribution to the running and defense. The Kliff Kingsbury team has proven to be more complete than expected; could enjoy Week 12 with the knowledge that Murray should be back on the other side.

2. Green Bay Packers 8-3 (2)

The Packers did everything in their power to bring down the Vikings while Aaron Rodgers was playing with a hamstring injury. The running game worked well with AJ Dillon instead of Aaron Jones, but the defense still lacked water to keep the opponents constant.

3. Tennessee Titans 8-3 (1)

What was that? Ways to rely on the Titans and Derrick Henry found them against the Texans when they could not get out of trouble in the rain and storm. Ryan Tannehill can’t afford to play like that because defense isn’t good enough to win.

4. Los Angeles Rams 7-3 (6)

The Rams were about to regroup after losing the Titans to the 49ers. He still looks like a small team of last season’s wild cards under Sean McVay. Recent results have shown that Matthew Stafford does not give them a high roof.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-3 (7)

The Buccaneers have a great chance to make a change Monday night after the Packers and Cowboys fell on Sunday. They should be well aware of their chance to return home with Tom Brady down the middle after the loss of the Saints and Washington.

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6. Baltimore Ravens 7-3 (8)

The Ravens do not find any styles beyond the Bears, but earn a lot of money on the road to win a defensive slugfest. Instead of a last-minute goal Tyler Huntley confirmed he had a chance to save Lamar Jackson’s backup. Credit John Harbaugh coached the team to overcome multiple injuries.

7. Kansas City Chiefs 7-4 (9)

The Kings won four in a row, putting a bow on their impressive November reign, entering the Cowboys. The only ones that could delay their climb are Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid with their 12th Week.

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8. Dallas Cowboys 7-3 (4)

The Cowboys were torn apart in Kansas City without Amari Cooper and lost the CeeDee Lamb on the head. Dak Prescott was left to lead another error. Dallas also showed a lot of dentists despite their excellent defense. They have a short week problem with the Raiders at the next home.

9. New England Patriots 7-4 (10)

The Patriots have used their unwavering coaching, defensive backing and running skills to take advantage of the AFC game. Demonstrating a number of well-known successes under Bill Belichick, only Mac Jones is now in charge of Brady.

10. Los Angeles Charger 6-4 (11)

Chargers require any playback from Justin Herbert and Austin Ekeler up to keep the anger of the Steelers back Sunday night. Their reward for Brandon Staley is getting enough protection in the end and approaching the playoffs still following the Chiefs.

11. Buffalo Bills 6-4 (5)

The bills acted in their own way against the Colts. The running defense ended abruptly and an error led by Josh Allen was destroyed. He arrived surprisingly late in the season after falling sharply from “new AFC preferences” to “near the AFC and running.”

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12. Cincinnati Bengals 6-4 (15)

The Bengals came out strong after the farewell, thanks to their safety and athleticism. Joe Burrow made everyone feel comfortable as the second half of the game began. Cincinnati now has a chance to make it to the playoffs.

13. Cleveland Browns 6-5 (16)

Mr. Brown is not entirely correct. Their offense is still looking at an ever-increasing pop as Baker Mayfield plays a running game. His injuries affect him; making him the captain of the team as he tries to keep his team in the running race.

14. Minnesota Vikings 5-5 (17)

The Vikings could be a huge hit in the NFC standings with good results from their long-term play, but all that has been quickly forgotten is the recent success of the Panthers, Chargers and Packers. The secret to making the playoffs will be consistently four-quarters of each game in the last two months.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers 5-4-1 (13)

The Steelers went to Los Angeles with a short-term defense and offense that could not be continued. He must finish strong against the rest of AFC North to get back into the playoffs after winning the division last season.

16. Indianapolis Colts 6-5 (19)

The Colts are riding Jonathan Taylor with a running game, which makes things easier for Carson Wentz and defense. Frank Reich’s team is preparing too late to get an AFC wild card and it could soon make the Titans sweat south.

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17. Las Vegas Raiders 5-5 (12)

The opponents tried desperately to get things done without Jon Gruden, but the problems with the weight of some issues have intensified, especially with Derek Carr not playing well and running games not helping much.

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18. San Francisco 49ers 5-5 (23)

Kyle Shanahan can teach. The case is being re-assigned to another judge, and Jimmy Garoppolo is in good health. Security has begun to respond behind Nick Bosa. The 49ers have not returned, but are on the verge of becoming a playoff team again.

19. Philadelphia Eagles 5-6 (22)

The Eagles are starting to feel like Jalen Hurts is guilty after a break from Nick Sirianni. Security responds to Sirianni’s fast-paced approach. Don’t go for less that your full potential.

20. New Orleans Saints 5-5 (14)

The Saints are returning to meaning after a great deal of work under Sean Payton. They need Jameis Winston more than they expect and this type of lawsuit is not the same while Alvin Kamara and Taysom Hill are less affected. Running safety should recover soon.

21. Denver Broncos 5-5 (20)

The Broncos did not play in Week 11 but there should be little confidence that they will be back on the AFC playoffs due to their unwavering play and adequate defense. This could be the case with Vic Fangio in the last few months.

22. Carolina Panthers 5-6 (18)

The Panthers got a lot from Cam Newton but their offense is run by Christian McCaffrey. He looks good on that side, but unfortunately for them, the defense continues to be Matt Rhule.

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23. Washington Football Team 4-6 (25)

Washington may need to reconsider his future at QB based on the way Taylor Heinicke plays in the Scott Turner system, especially given the fact that he has the most important tools in welcoming Curtis Samuel and Logan Thomas. Heinicke insists on ending the season as a starting point despite Ryan Fitzpatrick’s injury.

24. Atlanta Falcons 4-6 (21)

The Falcons failed to score in Week 11 and the best vibes that could have been made by Arthur Smith and Matt Ryan were lost due to team-mate failures. Security needs to be redesigned.

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25. Seattle Seahawks 3-7 (24)

Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll no longer get what they need to win a game. Law and defense are not mutually exclusive. Unless the Seahawks win the last seven games, their top-.500 season in Wilson’s season will end at nine.

26. New York Giants 3-6 (27)

The Giants saw the Cowboys lose in Week 11, but Washington and the Eagles both won, growing to not be in last place in the division after finishing second last year. The Buccaneers game feels like a big punch.

27. Miami Dolphins 4-7 (28)

The Dolphins have left the mat and can now try to finish respectfully until the disappointing season following Brian Flores. It is a good sign that the defense is also working as a backbone.

28. Chicago Bears 3-7 (26)

The Bears lost Justin Fields and then did everything in their power to bring out the lesser Ravens of Jackson and Andy Dalton, but only needed a shot and some knowledge when players like Allen Robinson, Khalil Mack and Eddie Jackson did not play. It’s all over for Matt Nagy and the rest of the coaching staff.

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29. Houston Texas 2-8 (31)

The Texans showed off physically and fought to knock down the Titans in a very successful performance under David Culley. Tyrod Taylor is an actor and leader; when he’s out there, they can’t be seen pushing.

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30. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-8 (29)

The Jaguars were heavily influenced by a smart, well-trained 49ers team that also had many of their fans in Jacksonville. The return of Trevor Lawrence and offense should bring about a major change in Year 2.

31. New York Jets 2-8 (30)

The Jets were supposed to play a highly reinforced defense for Robert Saleh against the Dolphins but their limited talent has been difficult to beat. The trial began shortly after Joe Flacco and Elijah Moore, but the loss of fellow rookie Michael Carter was devastating.

32. Detroit Lions 0-9-1 (32)

The Lions clashed with the AFC North players along the way, but this time, they lacked even a tie to show off. They should have a chance to fight them on a fun Thanksgiving at home against the Bears.

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