Net migration of EU nationals to UK turned negative in 2020

The full migration of EU citizens to the UK became worse in 2020 after the number of Europeans leaving the country outpaced immigrants, reversing what happened in previous years.

Approximately 94,000 EU nationals have left the UK more than those who arrived there last year, indicating a change in migration since 2019, with 32,000 more people migrating to Britain than migrants.

“The reduction in immigration should be the reason for the combination of both corona virus epidemic and Brexit, ”Says the National Statistics office.

About 147,000 Europeans left the UK by 2020, almost three times the number who arrived last year, according to an ONS survey published Thursday.

The ONS data is “very difficult to compare with the envelope”, but “it is understandable,” said Madeleine Sumption, director of the Migration Observatory at Oxford University.

Sumption reported that ONS figures did not include the number of temporary migrants in the UK, who probably left large numbers.

Jonathan Portes, professor of economics and social sciences at King’s College London, said the total migration of EU citizens should be “more than the ONS think”. He already had it a few mass migration of EU citizens.

Figures released on Thursday by the Home Office showed fellow employers that they could hire workers from outside the EU, as cross-border recruitment resumed in 2021.

The department said 205,528 work-related visas were issued in September, and most were issued to skilled workers from India, Philippines, US and Nigeria. It added that more than 40 per cent of visa applicants came from health workers and caregivers, more than double the amount allocated to the sector last year for the epidemic.

Gerwyn Davies, consultant for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, an organization representing HR experts, said: emergency suspension of EU workers continues to intimidate fellow employers in all sectors ”and increases coercion and recruitment.

A recent estimate of the ONS shows that more than 34,000 people migrated to the UK more than those who left the UK in 2020, down from 271,000 last year – the lowest number since 2011 when the same thing happened.

The group chart of '000 people showing UK migration declined sharply in 2020

In the past, the International Passenger Survey was a major source of comparisons of migrants to or from the UK, but this was halted by the onset of the epidemic.

Since then, the ONS has developed migration management systems using monitoring data and statistics on how the latest statistics are set.

“There is a lot of uncertainty around them [the experimental data], ”Said the ONS.

The ONS said the uncertainty over migration of EU citizens ranged from 180,000 to 8,000.

ONS population data, which was released on Thursday, showed that EU births to the UK reached 3.6m last year in June 2017 and have been declining following the Brexit referendum.

Sumption noted that the statistics confirmed “all assumptions” that there were more people from the EU in 2020, while warning that “there is considerable uncertainty over its growth”.

Britain after the Brexit issue

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