Marine to sue Wal-Mart for REFUSING to fill PRESCRIPTION for life-saving Ivermectin

As a Marine Corps, Bill Salier was shot by terrorists in Mogadishu for almost five years while serving his country. With an impressive security permit, he had previously been deployed to protect the President from intimidation at Camp David station. For the next 20 years they planted 250 acres in Iowa producing corn, soybeans and pigs to feed American families.

But his Wal-Mart physician did not believe that his sentence would fill the life-saving dose of Ivermectin when COVID attacked his body last month and business principles were rejecting such drugs based on politics, not science.


“I was very worried I was going to die,” Salier said. “I was asleep when the doctor examined me. He told me that I was in the midst of a ‘Cytokine storm’ and after 8-9 days, I was praying a miracle because my body was failing me. I have been active and energetic all my life, but I was so frustrated that I could not utter the words that describe the incredible pain I feel all over my body. ”

Salier had the worst pain he had ever had in his life. He had a sore throat, his hair was like a needle in the head, and he had diarrhea. He couldn’t move. For 9 days, he was bedridden and could not do anything. His wife Karla became frightened, before both of them realized that her symptoms were only days away, and she contracted a viral infection in China.

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“We tried to get monoclonal treatment from the Minnesota Department of Health but they never came back to us,” he said. Salier had no doubt that COVID was a real, dear relative of his wife who died of the virus 6 months ago in a nursing home. In desperation, she sought medical attention in Osage, Iowa at Mercy Hospital, only to be told that there was only one bag left, and it would not be hers.

“I kept getting worse and worse. It just got worse, and we didn’t know what to do. ”

Her local doctor would not prescribe Ivermectin because, as Salier points out, the US Food and Drug Administration did not approve of this, treating COVID. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Ivermectin is very safe for people to use, despite what the media says is to end its use. The The radio deception on this issue continues even though the anti-Ivermectin hype has been repeatedly criticized..

Thinking of himself and his wife who are about to enter the pain and suffering of the virus, he recalled his experience. Steve Deace, national consultant, works with Blaze radio. From there, Deace appointed Salier and Drs. Mollie James. Dr. James has been the co-founder of COVID attempts to make people aware of the politics of specialized medical care: that life-saving drugs are available to alleviate COVID complications and can turn dying patients into abyssing.

Dr. James realized that Bill was in trouble, but his wife, Karla, was also in danger. She gave Ivermectin to both and Hydroxychloroquine to Bill. But receiving the treatment was not the end of their problems as their bodies were fighting the Chinese virus.

“After I stopped taking the medication, and fainted at this point almost all day, the Wal-Mart therapist called my wife and proudly told her that she was not comfortable with the drug and refused to fill it. and cut it down. ”


Ivermectin is a world-famous miracle drug that has been recorded for billions. The drug was falsely labeled ‘horse dewormer’ by American journalists who are supposed to agree with the opinion, as any reputable physician would agree that it has proven to have life-saving properties in preventing the recurrence of viruses in the body. Even his detractors now humbly accept it Ivermectin is a low dose of COVID.

Even a left-wing site like the New Republic firmly acknowledges that Ivermectin’s 2021 scare was a left-wing campaign..

Propaganda has ruined lives, and it has almost taken Salier and his wife.

Fortunately, Salier’s specialist, Doctor Mollie James, fought him a battle at every turn. Dr. James phoned Wal-Mart’s doctor and asked why he had not taken the right medication.

“He said I was not free to fill out the instructions and I asked why,” James told Gateway Pundit. “And he told me he was not approved by the FDA. And I told him it was interesting, because I was about to hear the advent of the COVID vaccine in Wal-Mart which was also not approved by the FDA. FDA approved is not available in the United States.

Then Dr. James also spoke to Wal-Mart and asked her to speak to the doctor in charge, who refused to duplicate the appropriate words and then interrupted “I’m not going to fill it up!”

The Saliers then tested the grocery store, Hy-Vee, who filled in everything he wrote except Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. The pharmacist apologizes to Saliers that if he incorporated the drug into the company’s digital system, the machine would not allow him to fill the drug.

“Sorry, there is nothing I can do,” the therapist told the pair as they struggled not only with the virus, but also with arrogant organizations refusing drugs for political purposes.

“I could not believe what we were doing, but we had no choice but to go to the vet and buy a horse class Ivermectin. “We knew we were gambling with our health, we knew this was dangerous, but we didn’t know what to do,” Salier said.

Dr. James contacted a Hy-Vee pharmacist who told him that the official pharmacy arrangements, set by the company’s executives, refused to allow the pharmacist to fill the drug in their digital system. “If what he tells me is true, then he is giving the responsibility to the supervisor, not the licensed doctor, then it is in his hands.”

“In my 20 years of medical practice I have never seen a drug fail to be filled for political reasons like this,” said Drs. James.

Disillusioned, worsened and hearing the effects of COVID, Bill and Karla mixed up the rattlesnake they bought at the apple shop and ate them, hoping that their calculations on their quantity and strength were correct in calculating their reduced weight. It was very difficult for ourselves, and our marriage, we felt helpless.

Many of those who suffer from symptoms of overdose from Ivermectin do this because they calculate the wrong dosage, wanting to find a cheaper way to get COVID treatment because they either do not have health insurance or their doctors refuse cheaper treatment that can save lives.

Within 6 hours his wife Karla felt so different in the way she could only describe the relief that the symptoms did not go away. In combination with other drugs, Bill also experienced the same changes and stopped the growth of the virus within 8 hours.

“We can’t deny that we were healthy because of Ivermectin,” Salier said. “It was the only thing my wife took, and her condition changed for the better.”

“Ivermectin saved my life.”

Eight hours after taking Ivermectin, for the first time in 10 days, Bill got out of bed and watched the sunset.

“Medical politics, which these people are doing, is killing people. If this is denied and it would help, these policies are certainly killing people. What more can you say? ” Salier said. After being a Marine on the outside, a farmer in Iowa for many years, a one-time political representative, left Ivermectin disinformation almost killed Bill Salier.

Iowa farmer Bill Salier

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