Lions’ Dan Campbell says penalty for back-to-back timeouts vs. Bears was a result of ‘miscommunication’

The Lions’ last 14-14 Thanksgiving loss of Bears left much to be desired for Detroit fans. Chicago grabbed the ball at the end of the 8:30 game and scored the winning goal in the game when it was time to drop the lions to 0-10-1 this season.

Detroit’s defense had a chance to get out of the arena, and the team was in high demand as Chicago (4-7) lost time. The team had one major advantage but could not make the most of it due to a serious error.

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The Bears were in the goal field with 1:54 on the left and were facing the third and 9th.

But picture 3 and 9 did not come. The Lions tried to summon the time before the game, and their wish came true. There was only one problem. They had already called for a break earlier. NFL teams are not allowed to play again for the rest of the season.

As a result, the Lions were penalized for delaying the game. This gave the Bears 5 yards and set up the third with 4. Chicago was transformed through a 7-yard pass from Andy Dalton to Damiere Byrd. He then managed to chase the clock until one second before his goal-scoring goal.

Lions coach Dan Campbell told reporters after the game the punishment came as a result of a court hearing.

“Obviously, you can’t do that,” Campbell spoke of the singing in succession. “But we had a disagreement. Half of our high school had one phone, half had another, so, yeah, it was a waste of time.”

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What caused the split? As Campbell explained, the defender had a check that was burned during the game. It had to see how the Bears move and change appropriately. But another security feature missed the phone, so Campbell knew the team was in trouble.

“The first thing in my head is, ‘Well, we have a shotgun cover and they’re about to hit,’ ‘Campbell said.” So I do, what you can’t do, and now. it’s a punishment. “

Campbell was not pleased with the error, but added that it was better than the other approach: “stand there and see him hit.”

“I knew [if Dalton] he threw it in the room, it was about to hit, “Campbell said.

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It was a tough place for Campbell, but the lions could pull the ball back and let it hit. This would have given them the opportunity to raise a winning sports car.

Once again, Detroit’s error had just 239 yards per game, so perhaps giving the defense one last chance to get the Bears off the field was the right move.

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