Kito Stuns on New EP “Blossom”

After the release of “Skin & Bones“, who featured Swedish singer Winona Oak on stage, Australian-born artist Kito returned this month with his debut EP in almost three years.

The new record is called “Blossom” and sees the producer enter the dance-pop genre. In its design, it has collected a number of A-level collaborations to create the most exciting project. Among the nominees were Bea Miller – who appeared on the previously released song “Steal Your Clothes” – as well as ZHU and Jeremih – who co-starred in “Follow”. Kito also added new productions, such as the song “Locked on You” which was reunited with two New Zealanders BROODS.

The artist is described as a “floral arrangement” where “the intricate mix of sounds, sounds, and ideas carefully selected and well-organized” comes together, “Blossom” feels like a breath of fresh air in music. While all the songs draw from different Kito dance genres, they all feel timeless and leave you discovering something new in every genre.

This can be seen in the well-known EP of the EP, “Tongue Tongue”, where the producer collaborated with Terror Jr.’s favorite CelebMix. “Tongue Tongue” is coming in as one of three new modes and it left us hitting that repeat button maybe once. often. It blends well with the mix of Terror Jr. songs and melts it into one of the funniest ones we’ve ever heard. “In your eyes, I can use my life “, Lisa – the singer – dreams of a smooth beat that floats beneath her sometimes cut words. We’re certainly caught in this line.

Listen to the new EP right now:

Following the release of the “Blossom” EP, Kito also shared three new views that you can see here:

Listen to Kito’s new EP “Blossom” right here. It was released by Kito under exclusive license at UMG Recordings and is now available for purchase and discount on digital retailers and platforms of your choice!

What do you think of “Blossom” written by Kito? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @CelebMix.

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