James William Awad: The Secret to Success Is Learning from Your Failures

No wonder artists have big dreams. Some know that they want to sing from an early age. This is the case James William Awad is called Senior. When the talented singer was in high school, he asked to sing and was turned down. This emotion hurt her but she could not knock him down even though he was young and handsome at the time.

Then, James William Awad aka Senior completely changed this and turned it into music. He shares that almost 100% of his words are based on real events – stories, memories, experiences. The director is a very successful businessman but when he makes music, it all disappears and he gives up his musical skills.

James William Awad uses what some see as “intellectual property” as a source of encouragement. His songs are official and Senior has gained thousands of fans around the world.

The lead singer released her debut single, “Alexandra.” Once again, the Senior did not take the usual approach. Instead of going to the studio, he decided to build it himself. This is how he ended up with a studio in his own house. He did it all by himself with the help of a fellow artist.

Senior wants to promote the love and connection of his fans through his songs. His fans are eagerly awaiting the release of his debut album. Senior wants fans to celebrate love through real communication which is the theme whose music follows.

The release of Senior Music “Alexandra” and “Trust in Me” songs is coming soon, and she can’t wait to see what she loves. As of August 15th, Senior will begin releasing his songs which will be available on all platforms. James William Awad is also the founder of “111” (Tripleone).

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