How trade is helping companies ride out the Covid wave

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These are the Trade secrets that will conclude next week’s cabinet meeting at the World Trade Organization in Geneva. So before we dive deeper into the carnival of civil servants, the celebration of fonctionnaires, the parley of penpushers, today let us give you another explosion of real realities. Specifically, we will take a closer look at how management decisions are made in all of the marketing strategies we have seen. earlier in the week.

Exciting news yesterday on the policy statement, by the way. New German union government said the finance ministry in charge of trade will go to the Greens. Before all of you cry out that EU trade policies are falling into the hands of a conservationist group, especially since the weather will be set in the same service, the Greens in German domestic politics are very difficult. They are also more sympathetic to China and Russia than Angela Merkel of the Christian Democrats. We have little doubt that there will be a bold move from Black “Mercantilism” which brought us to the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment, but if it exists, we are all supportive.

Closed water looks at the gradual decline in the number of co-workers in developed countries.

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Onshoring is a slogan, not a method

Let’s review what we know. The chains of trade, as we know it, did not change much in terms of shortening, inland, proximity, “interaction” (moving to politically allied countries) due to Covid-19. The sharp decline in trade last year from a significant decrease (other than the mad competition for eye masks and other medical equipment), a major resumption this year that has caused a stir around the world, governments are starting to talk about intervening games: none of this seems to have had much effect.

We have been interacting with a team of real estate agents, including some from banks that speak to companies, make a lot of business money and have a good image of who is buying and exporting from there. The general idea is that a change in the world that existed before the crisis took place, but Covid is, in particular, the cause of what is happening, not a new departure.

Last year’s threat among companies over a major chain failure seems to have ended quickly, and they are looking beyond the current turmoil. Parvaiz Dalal, global financial officer at Citigroup, told us: “Onshoring was a major topic of discussion last year, but, as of today, it has not happened as planned.”

An HSBC research More than 7,300 business decision makers in 14 markets pointed out some of the challenges from the current crisis: 70 percent of respondents found that corporate disruption reduces their company’s earnings next year, by about 22 percent. But less than a quarter said disruption was the biggest hurdle to business growth.

On the contrary, as Vinay Mendonca, HSBC’s global trade and marketing director, predicts, instability within and between countries is striving to do more for other countries, not less, spread risk in research and markets in their destination. “The economic downturn is not only disruptive, but also uncoordinated and inconsistent,” he said. Covid cases are likely to escalate in another country, leading to government bans that change the need to close or close factories and disrupt access.

Assuming the crisis is over, what is left is what the pre-epidemic was like – yes, since the global financial crisis in 2008. Labor inequality (workers in poorer countries manufacturing consumer goods for rich), a clear example from the financial institution. The 1990’s have become increasingly tense. China is more interested in building their domestic market today than in importing goods and exporting finished goods. Emile Naus, from BearingPoint, a consultant who specializes in sales tracking, said that at a very high price point “we should look at restoring some of what has happened over the past 30 years”.

Sales have been very sophisticated and the most expensive chains, and it also comes with a huge unexpected unpredictable potential that lies within the retailer’s network. Threats of adverse weather disasters or natural or man-made disasters such as the Fukushima earthquake and the 2011 Japan Covid nuclear disaster.

But blindly following a communicative approach like “onshoring” or “diversity” is not enough. Naus tells of a car manufacturer who tried to spread the word by looking for gearboxes from several dealers, but found that they all relied on a single component (small and cheap but essential) made in Fukushima.

Properly assessing the cost and risk in the sales process and making changes is minimal and detailed. Many experts feel that even if Covid puts into the mind the need to develop courage, in difficult situations it can take three years, maybe five or 10, to make a big difference. And while companies are more confident about the return of business and business, those who are currently investing are more likely to buy stocks than to expand their sheets and start new businesses. Citi’s Dalal said: “Most of the companies we talk to are following a cost-cutting approach instead of investing heavily in innovation.”

Now, all of the above are speculative or well-known in research – it’s hard to count these things with the most modern numbers. But it is an unchanging story and contains a lot of information on what happened before Covid and last year.

We will come back to the chain issues from different angles, because they are much harder than OH NO (or “HOORAY” au choix), AND THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW you can read it. other sections. And if you think there’s something wrong with us, connect. We are all ears.

Water drawn

Yesterday we saw that the advanced economy was combating tourism to close the gap left by job losses. Many of these deficits have recently dropped to the millions of people who have left the economy during the Great Depression.

However, there is a lot going on here. As the chart below shows, the number of employees has declined in a number of leading countries since the beginning of the millennium. Claire Jones

Good news for shipping companies and exporters: Beijing has stated that it will allowing external ships shipping between home ports.

Unpleasant news: new Data protection law in China he has forbidden foreign companies’ and governments access information about the location of its vessels, reducing the visibility of supply chains and the ability to monitor commercial properties.

Chad Bown but changed its US-China tracker “phase one”.indicating that there are two months left, China is about to buy only 62 percent of the goods it volunteered to buy from the US.

A new well-known tool about many relationships in the WTO he lived yesterday.

Japanese company To do they can find themselves made from Myanmar (Nikkei, $) The military has filed a lawsuit to liquidate the liquor industry.

Prime Minister of Vietnam he wanted to be free chain stress ($) is in Japan this week, but Nikkei says industries that use colors from Intel to Toyota and Reebok are stuttering as workers are reluctant to return to work, complaining to money sellers that Thailand and Indonesia maybe soon. Alan Beattie and Francesca Regalado

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