How Facebook and Google fund global misinformation

There were hundreds of them, who disrupted tens of thousands of relationships and hundreds of views. As of early November, MIT Technology Review has detected a number of false positives since this time. Two repeaters with more than 200,000 views and 160,000 views, so he declared in Burmese, “I am the only one who broadcasts the whole world in real time.” Facebook downloaded a few of them when we let them know but many more, as well as the pages they posted, are still there. Osborne said the company is aware of the situation and has significantly reduced these fake Lives and their distribution over the past year.

Ironically, Rio believes the videos were removed from the photos uploaded to YouTube as evidence of human rights. The photos, in other words, are actually from Myanmar – but both were sent from Vietnam and Cambodia.

Over the past half year, Rio has explored and identified several vegetable groups from Vietnam and Cambodia. Many used fake Live videos to speed up their numbers and drive viewers to join Facebook groups that are seen as pro-democracy zones. Rio now worries that Facebook’s recent release of the latest ads in Live videos has also encouraged clickbait makers to deceive themselves. One 18-page Cambodian group began sending political propaganda, reaching 16 million meetings with 1.6 million listeners in four months. Facebook took over all 18 pages in March but new clusters continue to exist while others remain.

As far as Rio knows, Vietnamese and Cambodian actors do not speak Burmese. They may not understand the Burmese culture or the country’s politics. The bottom line is that they don’t need to. Not when he is stealing what he has.

Rio has found several Cambodian secret Facebook and Telegram groups (one with more than 3,000 people), where they sell weapons and advice on how to best make money. MIT Technology Review also reviewed the documents, photographs, and videos it collected, and hired a Khmer translator to translate the instructional video that travels slowly to watch via clickbait.

These tools show how Cambodian users gather research on what is going on best in each country and post it on their clickbait websites. One Google Drive folder shared in the region has 12 pages linked to popular Facebook groups in 20 countries, including the US, UK, Australia, India, France, Germany, Mexico, and Brazil.

This tutorial video also shows how to find the most popular YouTube videos in a variety of languages ​​and use the custom tool to turn everything into a text on their page. We found 29 YouTube channels that spread political propaganda going on in Myanmar, for example, which were converted into Clickbait posts and redistributed to new audiences on Facebook.

One of the YouTube channels that spread political lies in Myanmar. Google has finally removed it.

After we reported the incident, YouTube dismissed them all for violating community guidelines, including seven who were confirmed to be part of a series of interconnected systems in Myanmar. Choi also claimed that YouTube had stopped posting ads on nearly 2,000 movies on this tour. “We continue to monitor our platforms to prevent hackers who want to misuse our networks for profit,” he said.

Then there are other tools, including one that allows pre-recorded videos to look like fake Facebook Live videos. Someone pulls out randomly US men’s profile, including photo, name, date of birth, Social Security number, phone number, and address, so another tool can create fake Facebook accounts using some of them.

It is now so easy to do that most Cambodian actors make their own. Rio calls them small business owners. In the worst case scenario, it saw only 11,000 Facebook accounts being hacked.

Successful small business owners also provide training for others in the community. He said: “It is getting worse. “Any Joe in the world can touch your knowledge base without realizing it.”

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