House Will Vote On Censure For Gosar For Sharing Parody Cartoon Video Attacking AOC

The United States House of Representatives voted Wednesday to possibly criticize GOP Representative Paul Gosar over a shocking video of Arizona Republicans beating Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with swords.

Prove once again that we are living in the ultimate dumbest time.

Gosar will not be the subject of a criticized vote, but a determination to remove or not from his committee.

The decision removes him from the House of Representatives Committee on Monitoring and Reconstruction, where AOC resides, and the Environment Committee.

That’s right. When you are struggling every day to be able to fill your fuel tank so you can probably go to work less for everyone. one to give up, or go to the grocery store that sells your wallet for the high prices, our lawmakers are discussing cartoons.

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Vote to Oppose Gosar

If so, Gosar should be slapped on the back of his hand by the governor for the horrible price of the video he posted.

Congressman, who is in the animated video series mimicking the Japanese movie series The Attack of the Titan, they are taking part in a war against illegal immigrants.

He is being shown ‘to give‘AOC, his face was transformed into the body of a giant. Again, keep in mind that this is a stupid painting.

The video ends with Gosar’s face running down the giant portrait of President Biden, swords in hand.

Naturally, the AOC and Democrats who believe he was on the verge of ‘assassination’ on January 6 were disrupted by a “violent” video.

He will sign a petition and will vote for Gosar.

The ruling accuses Gosar of “continuing” violence against elected officials “and urging the Ethics Committee to” investigate the video. “

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Never apologize

Gosar erred in deleting the video and explaining himself.

“I do not condone violence or injure any member of Congress or Biden,” Gosar said.

“This video depicts the fight that will take place next week at the House of Representatives and represents the American war for the soul when Congress grants $ 4 trillion to Biden for the pardon of millions of illegal immigrants in our country and it was not. any violence in the anime. ”

You cannot explain the symbols to the free, Mr. Gosar.

First, the term is three syllables longer than Democrats as AOC often understands.

Secondly, I am wrong to apologize because you are well aware that Democrats have voted to criticize you regardless of the apology or explanation.

Gosar Digital Director Jessica Lycos has a better approach, mocking the left for what she did in the video.

“The left doesn’t find the meme culture,” Lycos said. “They are not happy. They are not the future. It’s an art. Gosar cannot fly and does not have an electric motor. Also, violence has not been glorified. This is a fight for the truth. ”

The House of Representatives is a disgrace.

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