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Ghostbusters Afterlife Explanation: When a woman (Carrie Coon) and her two children (Mckenna Grace and Finn Wolfhard) arrive in a small town, they begin to realize their connection with the original Ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandparents left behind.

A few refunds that show easy happiness Ghostbusters. Director Ivan Reitman and four other talented professionals, Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Ernie Hudson, and Harold Ramis, created an easy mix of game genres. From the evil influence of secret societies to Murray’s insulting display of racial suspicion, Ghostbusters it still serves as a fitting reminder of what goes well when creative talent is allowed to play in the sandbox.

Where original fans see the amazing combination of sci-fi, horror, and humor, Hollywood studios see their favorite fans as another source of blockbuster money. After unjustly polluting 2016 Ghostbusters restart (fans have never been given the fun of humor), Sony hired Ivan Reitman Jason’s famous son to lead a recent resumption, Ghostbusters: After Life.

The Juno the director approaches the site with great respect for its roots. After a clear opening, After life begins with the underkind science Phoebe and the smart ass Trevor, two kids moving into their grandma’s abandoned house. It was soon discovered that their grandmother was Egon Spangler (the recently deceased Harold Ramis), a member of the notorious Ghostbusters gang that saved New York City from a larger race than the life of the Stay Puft marshmallow.

Reitman’s video gains power by allowing new directors to spread their wings. The star Mckenna Grace fills the influence and presence of stars like Phoebe, seeing the silly appearance and true intelligence of her older sister. It would have been easy for her role to exist as a kind of Ramis store, but the actress is showing a skill beyond her years by creating a person who feels like she belongs.

Wolfhard makes comedies appropriate to his angry older brother, while Logan Kim’s honesty makes Phoebe Podcast’s best friend a thief. Afterlife is the elderly also raise the profile. Few can afford to show low goofballs by chance and Paul Rudd’s masterful touch, and the comedian sharing the air relationship with Carrie Coon’s presence mockingly as Phoebe and Trevor’s mother.

I did a patient and slow-moving plot behind the artists Reitman and Gil Kenan in the first half. The duo also set up a new face of the ghostbusting genre, using elite long-running contests to capture the interest of young people. Unfortunately, toys, even relatively small ones, environmentally reduce the cheap attraction for nostalgia pandering.

Reitman has always been a success unappreciated words in my eyes (The Front Runner and Men, Women, and Children did not receive the appropriate recognition), but the director’s ignorance in blockbuster video shows when the story begins to change. His skills in shaping the shape are very helpful in the first half. However, it is a shame that Reitman does not grasp the frames of chaos. The technical but immovable design only works to pay homage to those who have been there before, while the facilitator does not have a keen eye to build on the foundations of the brand. Adding to the inconvenient steering wheel that runs to the end without a clear sound, Reitman does not feel like he is directing the story he is directing.

Unlike 2016 Ghostbusters, which has recently trampled on new places despite various effects, After life wants to carry the original 1984 lantern. Successful donations can often warm the hearts of fans and newcomers, but Reitman and Kenan struggle to make a profitable delivery. Afterlife is Several attempts at the genocide represent unjustified distortions, and the story of the film stands in stark contrast to the introduction of unnecessary and unsurprising stories. Without a well-meaning idea, the shock sounds like another powerful reminder of Hollywood’s desire to sell the beloved brand.

After life it is not dull and has its own charms. It’s a shame that Hollywood’s resurgence of failure to represent what made their products so important in the first place.

Ghostbusters: After Life is being played in theaters.

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