Gaby Hoffman, Woody Norman and Mike Mills Talk C’Mon C’Mon

Mike Mills he brings back Joaquin Phoenix in black and white film C’Mon C’Mon. Along with Gaby Hoffman and Woody Norman as participants in the dialogue between children and adults.

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Johnny (Joaquin Phoenix, “He”) And nephew (Woody Norman,“He”) Establish a complex but flexible relationship when suddenly they are involved in a complex and very motivating story about the connection between adults and children, past and future, from co-author Mike Mills (“First”).

Woody Norman and Mike Mills on the C’Mon C’Mon set

Filmmaker Mike Mills is an artist and artist. He is known Thumbsucker, 20th century women and First. He has also made notes such as Air: Eating, Sleeping, Waiting and Playing, Crippled, and Does Your Life Have a Flu? As an artist he performed solo shows around the world.

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C'Mon C'Mon
Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny and Woody Norman in C’Mon C’Mon

Gaby Hoffman has a long history of acting when she started acting at the age of four and took a break in the middle. She is the daughter of actress Anthony Herrera and Viva, a Warhol personality. His childhood was not unusual, he lived at the Chelsea Hotel until the age of 11. Hoffman and his mother moved to Los Angeles. Known for movies like Uncle Buck, Dream Fields, Now and Now and Everyone Says I Love You. Also radio shows like HBO’s Girls and Prime Video Visual.

C'Mon C'Mon
Gaby Hoffman as Viv and Woody Norman as Jesse

Actress Woody Norman appeared on the television screen when she appeared The Only Witness and others like Starz, Holy Queen, Troy: The Fall of the City, Poldark and Thim War of War. Norman has also starred in films such as The Current War and Bruno. He is currently working Last trip and next year at Lionsgate Pigs.

I was connected via Zoom to Gaby Hoffman, Woody Norman and Mike Mills to talk C’Mon C’Mon.She shared what she learned from the film and what she learned about child perception. In addition to Woody Norman gives us a little insight into the concept of a teenager.

C’Mon C’Mon is now in the exhibition area

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