FIFA 22 Black Friday: Date, time, Ultimate Team offers, packs, SBCs and possible market crash

The end of November to December is usually the busiest time of the year when it comes to shopping, when people rush to buy whatever they want during the holidays.

The popular Black Friday has been thrown into the mix, with discounts and promotions available on all fronts and in all types of factories, including the exact location of EA Sports’ FIFA franchise.

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The world’s most popular video games have taken part in the biggest shopping day since FIFA 14, so what’s the story this year? FIFA 22? GOAL gives you more information about FIFA 22 and Black Friday.

When is Black Friday 2021?

Friday Friday is Friday, Nov. 26 in 2021. The most anticipated trade day usually takes place the next day Thanksgiving in the United States, which falls Thursday, Nov. 25 this year.

When it comes to FIFA, the Black Friday event is linked to other dates on the EA Sports calendar, such as ‘Super Sunday’ and Cyber ​​Monday, meaning there are often promotions, challenges and discounts on weekends. .

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When does the promotion of FIFA 22 Black Friday begin?

The FIFA 22 Black Friday commercial kicks off at 9 am ET on Friday, Nov. 26.

Which FIFA 22 pack is available on Black Friday?

From Friday to Cyber ​​Monday, special packages, including Premium Player Packs and Rare Player Packs, will be released in-store. This is usually found on the first visit, which is given for the first time, while others are restricted at times.

EA Sports had ads like packages downloaded in the past, and buy one, get free offers on other packages. Special packs should also be available through sporting purposes, including Squad Building Challenges.

Record Breakers cards are expected to reappear.

What will the FIFA 22 SBCs be for Black Friday?

Several special packs available on Fridays, Sundays and Cyber ​​Monday are presented as rewards for completing the Team Building Challenges (SBCs).

Players should keep in mind that some SBCs have time and are running 24 hours from 1 pm ET each day. Some SBCs, meanwhile, are available all weekend.

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Flash SBCs are very special SBCs and are usually only available for an hour or two on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Flash SBCs from time to time bring rewards that can be achieved as promoters and players in form from previous Sabbath Teams.

SBC Icons are also expected to be included in the weekly mix.

Which FIFA Ultimate Team players have been released on Black Friday?

Every year around Black Friday, the ‘Best Of’ Team of the Week is released in packages. This shows the players who are in the highest competition for any position in the season so far.

Last year Best Of Team of the Week included Lionel Messi, Robert Lewandowski, Sadio Mane and N’Golo Kante (see below).

There were also several Record Breakers in last season’s FUT Black Friday kick, with Kylian Mbappe of 91 and Jadon Sancho of 88, as well as Flashback 87 Sergio Aguero.

Expect to see the same new FIFA 22 players.

Will the FIFA 22 exchange market collapse?

It is difficult to predict whether there will be a major risk in the FIFA 22 exchange market due to Black Friday, but it has happened in the past when players look to profit and sell their teams at much higher prices.

With so many packs on offer on Black Friday, it means more packs open up than usual and more players can be sold, while people try to seduce each other for the best price.

What happens in such cases is that the prices of the players are very low, but in recent years it has not been difficult because people are already working for several weeks to make it happen.

The Black Friday market crash is nothing compared to what happened ahead of Team of the Year in early January as more packages opened in anticipation of more than 99 voting players.

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