Ebina Florine Releases R&B Laced Debut EP – ‘Phoenix’

Miami songwriter Ebina Florine reveals first public appearance EP, Phoenix, following last year’s triumvirate songs, “ESC8PE,” “Calibrate,” and “Decoy.”

Speaking of the EP, Ebina Florine shares, “Phoenix means enduring. Falling, burning, and trying again.

He goes on to say, “I thought I should take the first step and eventually get up to my experiments and do (projecting). I wanted to be very interesting this time, and I know it’s just the beginning. I have everything, and I have courage. ”

Early on, when she was 10, Ebina realized that making music was her future. By appearing in his school talent show, he developed confidence in his sport today.

Combining the four songs, Phoenix begins with “When You Sing To Me,” an electro-pop-flavored song with rhythmic synths that move with ease. Ebina’s familiar, calm, but humorous voice is filled with whispered words.

“Run With a Gun” runs on R&B pitch with its own high-pitched sound and gentle guitars. The rhythm of the jazz accompanies the song, while Ebina’s vocals, which vividly remind her of Sade, echo the lyrics of the song with a timb: clear, captivating.

“Clearer Now Remix” rises with syncopated vocals as Ebina’s vocals become louder. The final, ever-expanding song “When You Call Me,” offers EDM-lite power, along with vibrant, droning synth coloration.

I am Phoenix, Ebina Florine combines delicious R&B flavors with retro look and vocals into sonic potions.

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