Distinct tales of four Iranian men (three of whom were soldiers) who either chose to actively participate or conscientiously refuse to hang condemned men and the consequences of their actions on their family life

The film is about “people who take responsibility” for their actions and “each story is based on personal experiences”.

— Leader Mohammad Rasoulof, taken from BBC News on the Wikipedia page for this movie There is nothing Evil

MFilmmakers around the world have probably never heard of Mohammad Rasoulof, an Iranian filmmaker. He is one of the most courageous filmmakers in the world today who makes amazing, artistic, rewarding films about the culture of the Iranian people, guided by laws that destroy the lives of his conscience.andour citizens. The seven films he has made have angered Iranian officials who do not appreciate the anti-government sentiments as his films have garnered festivals and rewards around the world. Both he and another well-known filmmaker, Jafar Panahi, are being held on suspicion of felony criminal mischief for allegedly trying to seduce a minor. When the Damocles prison sword fell under Panahi, Mr. Rasoulof came out with his most challenging film to date– There is nothing Evil–which is undoubtedly one of the best films of 2020 in the world, in terms of content and genre as well as one of the best films from Iran in decades. The fact that it won top honors at the Berlin Film Festival is no surprise.

Director Rasoulof Baran’s daughter plays
exciting episode in episode 4 – “Mupsompsone”
Player: Mohammad Seddighimehr

What is this movie like? Four episodes of the film tell the story of four men who hang prisoners or refuse to hang criminals, often when they are forced to join the military or because of financial gain to bring a “pig house” at one time or another. of a man of higher education in the film, paying off a relative’s medical bills. None of the four enjoy their work. In some cases, their close relatives are fully aware of their choice; among others, their dark deeds are not fully disclosed to their loved ones. What are the charges for the prisoners killed? Some are murderers, some are drug traffickers, some are political activists or believers of other religions than are allowed in the country by mature Muslims.

It seems that if an arrested soldier refuses to hang a criminal prisoner in Iran, you are punished with other difficult and frustrating tasks, extra time for military service, denial of a driver’s license and a foreign permit. Your life becomes a living hell if you follow your conscience.

Participate in the execution of a convicted felon
or not then the question

TAn interesting part of Rasoulof’s writings is the details of the ideas that are included. Those who hang incarcerated prisoners, even if it is for the financial well-being of their family, and after frequently collecting their salaries and rice distributed for their seemingly insignificant work, reveal a kind heart as they discuss the frustrated schoolgirls from school. broken families or rescuing kittens. living in an illegal environment. However, conscientious objectors who are hanged on a stake refuse to kill foxes that destroy their animals and choose to feed them on food to keep them alive. One of Rasoulof’s executives, who is silent on his job, also shows grief when he stops his car at the red light and does not move when the lights have turned green, on his way to work. Just a camera holds a static car that moves over time. What a fantasy to catch the depressed person, seemingly uncontrollable!

Pictures of cars like this
can be found in all four sections.

There is a well-known wonder in the films of Abbas Kiarostami (Certified Copy; Cherry cessation; TenJafar Panahi (Taxi; 3 Face), Reza Mirkarimi (Castle of Dreams) by Mohammad Rasoulof (There is nothing Evil) based on filmmakers sitting in the front seats of moving cars often, if not always, in non-studio photographs. It is possible for these directors to focus on the financial aspects of filmmaking, the potential for real-time action of two actors or more in a single shot, or both. Yet this recording method has only enhanced the well-known brand of these editors in their most important and popular recent works.

Exciting masterfully crafted shooting
and organized by a filmmaker and director.
This shot covers the entire section
The artist is Mehtab Servati

IneIf we go to the content on the IMdB page, it is possible that most of the actors are male There is nothing Evil it is probably not the artists who made their first appearance or have never been involved in popular films to be included on the site. It is amazing to see Rasoulof create them and get amazing results.

While Rasoulof’s views on the death penalty are obvious, the film’s power lies in its intellectual development of interpersonal relationships, often in the family or in the family of a close friend. The inclusion of strange elements in the show surpasses his attempts in his old films, e.g. Baby and A Loyal Man. Here they use cats, foxes and honey bees to add value to the four characters’ discussions (There is nothing wrong with that; He said, “You can do it; Birthday; Kiss me) film There is nothing Evil. If there is something that viewers should do Let them stop their disbelief from what they see, and the second part. But thanks to the facilitator / writer for the insight that the weak side is the most interesting of the four. But who cares? Lower cost of other components than manufactured. The film is about the moral strength of its four characters and not one of them offering popular entertainment.

Rasoulof and his contemporaries among the Iranian leaders have been blessed with beautiful and talented actors — and the film is a testament to this. Rasoulof very much depends on them. While her male protagonists may seem to have a leading role, their female counterparts in each category have important and controlling roles in her films in particular.

The film is very close to Christian, Buddhist, Jainist, and humanitarian teachings even though it was produced by an Islamic group. It is basically a film about respecting human and animal life.

The’s lucky There is nothing Evil comes from a number of unusual factors — Rasoulof’s ability to make another film that would offend many in the Iranian government and courts when they have time to be suspended from prison to work; writing original essays based on personal experiences; a spectacular cast of performances involving Rasoulof’s daughter in a major role in the final episode; and a clever video by Askhan Askhani (who also worked at Rasoulof’s A Loyal Man). Although it is clear that Iran will not vote There is nothing Evil for the Oscars, someone hopes to be selected in the governing bodies and presented by the Oscar officials, the permitting rules.

PS There is nothing Evil won the Golden Bear for best film, the Ecumenical film Jury Award, and director Rasoulof’s Guild Award at the 2020 film festival in Berlin. He also won the Bigland Award at Heartland, Indiana (USA), the Best Narrative Feature Film Award at Montclair, New Jersey (USA), and the Crested Butte Festival (USA) Jury Award for “Courage” making movies. ” The film is taking part in the 2020 Denver Film Festival, USA. There is nothing Evil is one of the best films of the authors of 2020. Rasoulof’s first films Baby (2011) and A Loyal Man (2017), Ararami Certified Copy (2010), Panahi Taxi (2015) and Mirkarimi’s Castle of Dreams (2019) was also reviewed on this blog earlier by Kieslowski Dec. 5 (1988), a major video video about capital punishment from Poland. (Click on the names of the videos on this page for comments)

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