CMS Lifts Restrictions on Nursing Homes Yet Fauci Has Provided No Remedy for Elderly When They First Catch COVID

CMS has lifted restrictions on nursing homes. Positive thinking has taken the place of insanity and the elderly in nursing homes can now see their relatives from outside their homes. However, no drugs are available for the elderly if they take the Chinese coronavirus.

According to Becker Hospital Review:

In a series of reminders published Nov. 12, CMS lifted travel restrictions on nursing homes due to the COVID-19 epidemic and increased research oversight.

New floors social media, inspection is now allowed for permanent residents. Everyone, regardless of vaccination, is encouraged to wear masks instead.

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Visitors who are tested for COVID-19, COVID-19 indicators, or who are meeting the requirements for privacy, should not be replaced. Offices should monitor all entrants to prevent any entry.

While there is no limit to the number of guests that can be accommodated, trips should follow the “key points” of avoiding COVID-19. Room inspection should not be done if the occupant has a roommate who is vaccinated or immune.

Dr. Fauci not only provided immediate assistance to those with COVID, but there was evidence that they agreed that services would not be available.

IT’S WRONG WHEN WE THINK! Fauci and Top US Doctors Arrested! PLAN TO DESTROY Hydroxychloroquine as COVID Treatment – MILLIONS DIE IN RESEARCH

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