BTS’ Jin lends voice for K-Drama Jirisan theme song

BTS singer-songwriter Jin (Kim Seokjin) (Kim Seokjin) provided his vocals as “Yours,” a theme song for fun. Jirisan on South Korea tvN.

“Your” was released on Nov. 7, following the latest list order. Along with the release of the title track, a special music video was released. The music video had an experience from Jirisan, showing adults, portrayed by Jun Ji-hyun and Joo Ji-hoon, as they begin to approach.

The deep words of “Your” embrace the growth of people who have words like “.Every day you seem so far away / Every time you do, I tell myself I’m waiting right now / Every night I see you in my heart. ”

Jin’s voice blends with the tone of his voice as he expresses the intricacies of his voice by constantly changing from light pitch to deep note at times. His singing in “Your” reminds the world of his silver voice and that he is the rightful king of ballads.

The new song has already broken the recordings in just a few days. “Yours” has already uploaded several iTunes charts worldwide. According to, the track became the fastest Asian song in history to reach 80 # 1 on the iTunes chart in the first seven hours of release.

Spotify Korea and the World Music Awards recently announced that “Yours” became the first song from OST Korea to enter Spotify’s Top 50 Global Chart. The song started at No. 45.

This was not the first time Jin had given his vocabulary to the beat. In 2016, he teamed up with fellow V member on the exciting “It’s Definitely You” track on the list. Hwarng: A Young War Poet-where V participated as a member of the sport.

In other BTS series, septet is set to take part in the American Music Awards along with Megan Thee Stallion to perform “Butter (Megan Thee Stallion Remix)” for the first time. The top Korean team is also preparing for a four-day sale at Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles, marking their first game in front of fans since the outbreak began.

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