Australia says China’s actions at odds with rhetoric of peace | Politics News

The security ministry says there is a “significant gap” between what China says and what it does.

China’s “dangerous” actions are not in line with his claims to promote peace and development in the region, Australia’s security minister said Friday after a Chinese naval fleet was intercepted across the country’s economy.

Minister of Defense Peter Dutton wrote about China to fight a war of the South China Sea, recent abuses in Taiwan and the establishment of Hong Kong National Security Act as examples in which China’s actions failed to agree with its statement.

“We all know what the Chinese government says it wants for peace, unity and development,” Dutton told Canberra.

“Yet we witness the great discrepancy between words and actions. We have been watching closely as the Chinese government is doing very dangerous things.”

The Chinese ambassador to Canberra said Dutton had violated Chinese policy, misled Australians and was “inciting civil strife and division”.

“It is not possible for China-Australia relations to move forward … if the Australian government can establish its own international mechanisms in the light of traditional vision and ideology,” it said.

Relations between the two countries reached a climax in 2020 when Canberra sponsored a United Nations research into the origins of COVID-19, which first appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan two years ago.

Dutton cited the growing Chinese claims in the South China Sea that blocked the Philippines within the Southeast Asia EEZ. [File: Jay Director/AFP]

China responded by cutting off services and setting higher tariffs on the Australian stock of wine, barley, beef, coal and seafood, hampering the free trade agreement of 2015. Australia and its US counterpart called it “economic pressure”.

Mr. Dutton’s comments came as Australia confirmed that it was overseeing a Chinese intelligence ship operating in August within the Australian Economic Zone (EEZ) but not in Australian waters.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the ship – the second of its kind to be anchored off the coast of Australia in several months – was operating legally.

“But don’t think for a moment that we didn’t look at them, because they want to look after us,” Morrison told reporters in Adelaide.

“What it shows now no one can enjoy what is happening in the Indo-Pacific.”

In September, a new security agreement between Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, named AUKUS, was widely regarded as an attempt to strengthen the region’s military in the face of China’s growth. China has called AUKUS a threat to world peace.

China has been relocating to the South China Sea, with its coastal patrol vessels this month. firing a shotgun on a Philippine ship inside the EEZ of Southeast Asia at Second Thomas Shoal and block entry. It has also demanded that the Philippines remove the military there – claiming that the territory is part of it.

Manila has denied the allegations, saying the 2016 ruling is a UN-supported court. rejection The Chinese quote almost the entire sea beneath its nine-line line.

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