An absorbing non-linear, surreal screenplay with stunning cinematography and loads of remarks that will make you ruminate

“You always need a live sailor on a lifeboat. That was me. ” (Last line of the movie)

“Do not forget that memory, reason and understanding should be applied to a just and productive life.”

– Two different words of the pilot, narrating the stories, depicting Ruiz’s self-imposed life, moving from one country to another, and making amazing films.

Ineif there are two films of Raoul (Raul) Ruiz that are amazing, these could be Three Corners of the Sailor (1983) and Secrets of Lisbon (2010). They all have attractive, non-linear display with amazing animations. However, the two films are different in one important aspect: the first is from Ruiz’s original story and the last from Camilo Castelo Branco’s book. Both films feature actresses depicting Ruiz’s departure and recollection of the country of his birth and history.

The sailor (Guillard, left) who tells the story,
asks student (Deplanche, right) 3 Danish crown
and his interest in his sailing stories
The sailor explains and Ruiz guides the spectators not only
in the story and the author’s thoughts on death and life

Three Crown of Sailor takes a page from the Chilean sailor tales. The crew dies and reappears, while the film breaks down. Ruiz himself was the son of a sailor. The only real person in the film is a Polish theologian (Philippe Deplanche) who kills his teacher. In the student’s introduction we learn that the victim also taught him the art of “diamond polishing” and left the murderer with a long letter to leave the country, as if the tutor had foreseen what would happen. We also know that the murder took place in July 1958 from the words of the murderer. When Ruiz adds a day, there is a purpose. This author investigated. In July 1958, Polish state police raided the Institute of the Lady of Czestochowa in a monastery in Poland and confiscated all books, photographs, letters and notes (ref: www.jstor / stable / 25777621). Do the assassination of a theologian and the confiscation of a letter, the tutor given by the tutor to the student several times, and any other monetary donations reflect those historical events? It is certainly possible.

A fugitive murderer / student encounters a pilot (Jean-Bernard Guillard) who demands a 3 Danish crown (money) and a promise to listen to his story in exchange for a place on his “Funchalense” train that will take him away. in Poland. The ship, the students’ planks, are rusty but are bound for Valparaiso, Chile’s largest seaport (no surprise!). There, as described by the pilot, he looks at his family in his wooden house (the idea of ​​the military removal of President Allende, which led to Ruiz’s dismissal, not. Is described in detail in the film). Her neighbors don’t seem to know her.

TIts main theme is the combination of a number of stories told by a strange, strange sailor who encountered each of the ship’s ports — Singapore, Buenaventura (Colombia), Tangier (Morocco), Dakar (Senegal), and Tampico (Mexico.) . For example, there is the shy chewing gum, who keeps a coffin in her doll-filled room and marks each customer by putting the chewing gum in the coffin. Then, in Singapore, there is a young boy whom the pilot considers to be his son, because the young man is very intelligent and has already read all the writings of Robert Louis Stevenson. He is a boy who looks like a baby and does not grow old if he does not eat. They don’t want light to read books because “he is the light”In the words of the Deputy Consul of Singapore. Elsewhere, the pilot met a beautiful singer with only one mouth — a mouthpiece (a symbol of conditions in hostile lands and singers who simply sang praises). In Dakar, he met an African physician who had a thorough knowledge of the Bible, living in poverty, and wisely argued that he discussed every minute of his life, and asked the pilot to give him three Danish crowns if he wanted to listen to he. . This is similar to what the pilot gave a Polish student and the amount of money that was to be paid in recanting the case.

A sailor in an angel’s chamber full of angels
dolls with a white box (white usually corresponds to
for sinless dead, especially children).
See how the camera is positioned.

In Singapore, a pilot is instructed to read carefully
a doctor who looks like a child
and can read books without light

Berenice Reynaude’s story in “Fuse” (February / March 1985) and “Rouge” ( shows the connection of several films in the story – from Coleridge to Borges to Cortezar. for Hans Christian Andersen to Selma Lagerloff. Raoul Ruiz can do this with great pleasure which is not connected to any other director / writer around the world. Ruiz’s failure to do this Three Corners of the Sailor (and all his other films) it will not be easily recognizable to viewers unless they are also well-versed and well-versed in the work of the continent’s best writers and multilingual writers to appreciate Ruiz ‘s creative skills. For example, someone is reading this book Sea Rose by Paul Vialer, an obscure book made into a French film called House under the sea in 1947. Every Ruiz film with a word picture (in the film, Singapore’s Deputy Ambassador informs the pilot that his Ambassador was attacked by extremists!) asks to be solved by a spotlight that includes love, money, religion, politics, sailors . , well-known madness, history, art (all art and video visual effects), music, philosophy and cast content. Three Corners of the Sailor it is no longer the same in this case.

WAlthough literary knowledge enabled Ruiz to make a small contribution among the directors, it was one who opted for surrealism in many of his films. Mu Three crowns of Sailor, Ruiz wrote the story of the ghosts when all the sailors, except the narrator, did not defecate and had worms coming out of their bodies. He has sailors committing suicide to come back alive the next day by claiming someone else’s suicide. The main point of the film is “Art is cruel.”Ruiz used surrealism to encourage viewers to reevaluate the facts.

Surrealism vs reality

Ruiz and filmmaker Sacha Vierny:
The spoken word is no longer with the person holding it
food or people behind a glass of beer.
Spoken by the pilot (Guillard)
at the very end of the room, as well as directly.

Inen Three Corners of the Sailor, Ruiz is assisted by filmmaker Sacha Vierny (co-host of directors Peter Greenaway and Alain Resnais and Bunuel’s Belle of the Day) to create an unusual look with Ruiz’s style in many of his films – a feature that came to perfection in Ruiz ‘ Secrets of Lisbon (decades later). Unusual cameras and transitions from black-and-white color can always annoy a movie lover — but Ruiz does so intentionally, attracting viewers to appreciate the unwritten text that shows the realities that can be detected by distance. yourself from the realities and take over the whole world of “political expulsion,” “alien,” “thinker,” “symbolic sailor traveling from one place to another,” and so on.

Inef there is another filmmaker to partner with Ruiz in knowledge and filmmaking with Orson Welles (especially Welles films. Immortality Story–to take a copy of Isaak Denisen’s book full of a sailor as an important person as well Three Corners of the Sailor-ndi
F for Fake on pictures and visual cues). Ruiz and Welles were revolutionary leaders with few similar friends and were not fully appreciated by the growing number of people.

Fin fact, some quotes from the film Three Corners of the Sailor covers the film to consider “Our existence here is meaningless, as it were, in many aspects of life.“The final sequence of the film is aptly shown in black and white as in the first section where the pilot asks the student”Do you believe in the last days? ” and they find the answer “I am an atheist. ”

The pilot tells the student: “If they all stumble
Spread their wings, we shall not see the sun.
in the final column

PS Three Corners of the Sailor was awarded the unique award “Perspectives du cinema” although he did not participate in any of the 1983 Cannes film festivals. The author also reviewed the following Ruiz films on this blog earlier: Secrets of Lisbon (2010); Climate (2006) and That day (2006). Orson Welles’ F for Fake was also reviewed on this blog. Three Corners of the Sailor included among the author 100 Best Movies which were already included Secrets of Lisbon. (Click on the names of the videos on this page for the author’s comment)

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