A lovely, innovative example of effective, judicious and discreet use of sound in film-making that complements the mood of the screenplay

FIlm directors often make the most amazing films. These early films can be amazing if they are based on original director editions and not edited ones. Kleber Mendonca Filho’s first video Nearby Sounds as the director is best known for seeing and reflecting on Brazilian history and making a story that reflects the racial tensions and the huge economic and cultural differences that have existed over the past few decades of the country’s good history.

Continuing with the interesting story that director Filho wrote at the beginning as a filmmaker, he apparently decided to make his story based on the importance of words in a film that many viewers ignore. It is no coincidence that he chose the film Nearby Sounds. If the viewer approaches the film randomly, the story of the movie will be much more powerful than the sound of food being filmed on the movie’s trailer. Filho divides his film into three chapters: (i) Guard Dogs, (ii) Night Guard, and (iii) Body Guard. A common word for all three is “to protect”. At the end of the film, the viewer will reflect on the need for security guards in other parts of Brazil.

View from an empty house in a condominium,
where a former suicide bomber committed suicide
A swimming pool can make for some high ground
housing when demand increases.

TThe video opens with an old-fashioned sepia camera of black people in a Brazilian garden with a magnificent backyard. The film also brings us to modern-day densely populated Brazilian cities, where black people live in a wide range of cultural backgrounds, with domestic help, guard dogs and a few areas with high walls. kids play and re-create with security. Some of the people living in the condominium and in the area are very rich, others are very rich. At the beginning of the film the viewer is introduced to the city of Recife, where a quiet outside is smashed by a speeding car, hitting another vehicle. This is the first taste that Philip gives to the viewer that everything is not as good as it looks. The interviewer may wonder what the movie was like, but it makes sense when you consider some of the events that have taken place since. Many locals are so wealthy that they hire a maid and an old security guard who is dissatisfied with her and wants her to be replaced. Perhaps that is why one family in the house has a dog and the barking of a dog is annoying to a local resident who tries to kill the dog for a quiet night. One would consider the area to be crime-free, only to discover that night-time cars are the target of thieves who find a market to buy stolen car music.

Some of the occupants of these houses are not as wealthy as others;
The woman above is a mother without two children, disgusted with a
her neighbor’s dog howls at night and causes her children to caress her

IneIn the first chapter, Filho’s writings show that there is a very wealthy family with many close relatives and even the old guard is a trusted person of the ancient ancestor of this rich family and is kept as a watchman. Whether he is successful in his career or not, he can be linked to a non-violent theft of car music. Filho’s film does not have a spoon feed the viewers. The viewer should be commended for the seemingly inconsistent images to add to the story being directed. The method Filho used reminds us of the extraordinary tragedy of Lars von Trier. Dogville (which also had a dog at the edge of its story), another interesting film in which the characters can be described through a few places that showed the film around the world. The Recife Filter Bag (the sixth largest city in Brazil) is a modern-day Brazilian state that seems calm but with a burning fury to past and present persecutors.

In the second chapter, when the “professional” guards seem to replace the old guards with a barking dog, the observer is shown pictures and sounds of poor children who appear to be attacking the well-to-do local people using a tree cover. and circles at night. Was that why the watch dog cried out at night? Filho’s film initially depicts the visions and visions of these children running through trees and ceilings at night like the dreams of other people, until the so-called new security guards catch one of the children hiding in a tree, alone. letting him go with a warning. The attitude of the guards on the waif provides a fun and unique way to portray future events in a movie that the viewer does not expect.

During the day, Filho started a conversation between a guard and a maid in the room when the landlord came out and informed the guard of his absence just to look after the house. Filho surprised the bystander with a shot of a child rushing out of an allegedly empty house through an open door. The child was apparently upset by the noise of the activities of the guard and the attendant who had never been in the house.

Ssounds in different ways and strange, in Nearby Sounds, often distinguishing silence which reveals an important point. Who was the baby? What if the guard did not know that the house was empty? As the film progresses, the points become clear in the large screens provided by the film. In another story, a spectator sees an old non-resident walking alone on a quiet night, apparently for a swim in the ocean, passing shark warning signs in the water. The guards are watching their new boss with interest as he goes to swim alone and returns safely. Everything is quiet but unstable peace grows on the spectators.

The new guard provides technical protection for the occupants,
who have experienced minor cases in the area
Night watches are recruited and operational

Filho briefly takes the viewer and some of his characters from Recife to the central parts of Brazil where an elderly donkey, son, and friend of his son go for a swim near the waterfall and Filho delivers fresh immersed water to turn. to the symbolic type of blood. Filho keeps the viewer thinking. the waterfalls are next to a large sepia-shaped house at the beginning of the film and a sugar field that the elderly parent’s family lives in. And by the end of the film, the film is about depicting the horrors of what happened and what was to happen, not showing it on a computer. The bloody waterfall, which is not real, is the closest Filho to the “violence” portrayed in the film. there is also a brief mention of the recent suicide of a man living in the Recife condominium. And yet the film shows violence in a very clever way! That’s what makes it Nearby Sounds appearing among modern movies. It gives rise to resentment over the years to come, when the “guards” display a contemptible attitude. past experiences from others. The anger of a single mother and her barking dogs that only serve as a warning to people who are not afraid of danger at night is another minor feature of the film.

The father of the family (in the middle) sharing food with her child
and the expected future daughter-in-law

Three tours near the ancestral sugar farm,
and bathing on nearby waterfalls

The fluid turns into a blood type

Fbaby film Nearby Sounds he expects his fellow leaders Bacurau
(2019). Nearby Sounds it offers more and more advanced styles than its subsequent work. Using noise in Nearby Sounds does not predict events as in the case of most films — the lack of vocabulary and sudden distinction in support of the film is strange and dramatic. In other words, the film reminds you of the end of Steven Spielberg’s first film Duel (1971), how a dangerous car crashes into a rock with a loud groan, as if a lifeless car had a life of its own. The film is a masterpiece and this Brazilian film is much more professional than ever Bacurau-the last film with a lot of modern Western interest, while the first one is very clever in its message and the connection of different events.

Nearby Sounds is the most important film of the last decade, especially in the modern world, and it is a help to those who are looking for well-made films. The video seems to be questioning whether Brazilians today have learned from history lessons. The viewer can choose that.

PS Nearby Sounds (2012) and Malaria (2019) are two well-known films from Brazil over the past decade. The two films cannot boast of great appeal Bacurau
(2019) and her violence and nakedness. Apparently, the Brazilian film industry is in full swing after the days of Cinema Nuovo, especially in the 1950s and 1970s (Glauber Rocha’s. Black God, Holy Devil; History of Ruy Guerra Guns; The Story of Leon Hirschzman Ipanema Girl; and Nelson Pereira dos Santos How Sweet was My French Boy). The two films Malaria and Bacurau has been highlighted on this blog and all by some of the authors Twenty Best Videos of 2019. Nearby Sounds has won 38 awards worldwide.

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