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  • celine

    Just like people told us before we made the big jump:
    “The happiest 2 days of a boat owner’s life: the day he buys the boat, the day he sells it!”

    “There are only 3 outcomes for a couple living on a boat: 1. They love each other even more 2. They divorce 3. They kill each other”

    “Golden rule: no number #2 in the head, because you are going to be the one fixing it, and you don’t want that!”

    What they don’t say is that owning only valuable things feel great no room for superfluous, you save money on home decor, cats love boats, seeing your home moving is pretty scary, the outdoor and being closer to the elements feels amazing, drinking your morning coffee outside, on top of your boat is the best!

    27foot is pretty small though you guys are courageous!! Good luck :-)

    • Kathi

      Thanks for visiting, Celine! 27 feet is incredibly small for two people, we agree! We hope that it is small and inexpensive enough to continue owning after moving into a home on land. We’ll see if that’s realistic soon enough.