Risi was habitable already, but had some important projects before two people could live aboard full time with a cat:

  • Create companionway doorCreate companionway door that lets sunlight and air through, but keeps Kiki inside. Progress. Complete!
  • Create shelved storage behind settee backs. InspirationProgress. Complete!
  • Troubleshoot icebox cold plate. Complete!
  • Create litter box area for Kiki. Complete!
  • Replace head and all tubing. Progress. Complete!
  • Replace all old, worn lines and cordage.
  • Add GFCI outlet in galley, add regular outlet in V-berth. Complete!
  • Project:  Haul out, pressure wash, assess fiberglass condition, and repaintHaul out, pressure wash, assess fiberglass condition, and repaint. Complete!
  • Replace galley faucet. Complete!
  • Install a grill. Complete (video)!
  • Install more lighting in galley and cabin. Complete!
  • Rewire autopilot, radio, and bilge switches. Complete!
  • Replace lighting fixture in head. Complete!
  • Assess condensation behind cabin wood panels and insulation. Complete!
  • Sneak more storage solutions in small spaces. Inspiration.
  • Create shelved storage behind cabin table. Complete!
  • Replace cabin table with solid wood top and new leg(s). Progress. Complete! Table
  • Modify plates cubby, install toaster oven. Complete!
  • Inspect anchor, chain, rope, and then apply Herculiner to the locker. Progress!
  • Rework the cockpit locker to contain propane tank with drain.
  • Clean bilge (ugh).

Sewing projects:

Lifestyle projects

  • Sell and donate all furniture and stuff we don’t want in a future home. Complete!
  • Project: Transition Kiki into boat lifeTransition Kiki into boat life by spending a couple cat-centric weekends on Risi. Progress. Complete!
  • Project: Switch to baggie system for storing kitchen spicesSwitch to baggie system for storing kitchen spices. Complete!

Long term projects:

  • Convert or replace diesel tank for gasoline outboard engine. Complete!
  • Remove seized Westerbeke engine and replace with storage or fix it completely.
  • Replace fiberglass hatch with plexiglass.
  • Add more table surfaces. Inspiration.