Our Story

We came to Washington for the mountains and stayed for the sea.


We thought we knew everything Washington state had to offer when we droveĀ a moving truck out here from Chicago in 2013. Mountains. Hiking. Skiing. Fresh air. Typical Western things.

In the past year we have been blown away by things we never imagined! Mountain ranges in every direction. The Sound. Whales. Slugs. Camping on the beach. Waterfalls. Houseboats. Sailboats.


The push to buy a boat actually started as a desire to own a home and to do it simply. All attempts of finding a small, cheap, good quality home on a usable piece of land came up short. Apparently this is a rare combination. We researched buying land and building our small dream home, but the potential cost was still not agreeing with our ideal budget.

Meanwhile, a friend purchased a boat of his own and began refitting it for living aboard. We joked about purchasing a boat of our own. But we hesitated…

Boats are too small.
Isn’t sailing only for the rich?
Won’t we go crazy sharing such a small space?
How will our cat cope?
We don’t know anything about sailing!
We want land, garden, and room for a family.

Not surprisingly, after many beers and a couple months of tearing apart and rebuilding our friend’s boat, we had a change of heart. We decided to buy S/V Risi, a 1977 Cal 2-27 from Craigslist. And here our story starts.

The Plan

Live aboard Risi a few years, save as much money as possible, sail weekends around the Puget Sound, and eventually buy or build a home on land.

27 Words

Each entry will be 27 words. Why? Well, it’s one word for each foot of Risi’s length, we are definitely not accomplished writers, and photos will tell our story.